Crikey, I'm struggling this evening

Evening all,

I put away the computer with every intention of not going on it anymore tonight. But I had to take it out again. I am struggling this evening.

I am hungry tonight. Not in ketosis either. I know once I get into full ketosis, I should feel better, but I don't know if I will last the night.

Sorry for the moan (AGAIN).

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Sarah ... the fact you are posting on here means you don't really want to eat ...

Think how you'll feel later if you do eat ... and delay getting into ketosis even more.

Stay strong - keep posting - but NO food ... and you'll be so proud of yourself tomorrow.


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I understand how you feel. I was struggling earlier today. But put a few posts on here, went to bed for a couple of hours and feel loads better now.

You can do, think back to why you wanted to start this

Try a bath, or go to bed early


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Hey Sarah! I started the same day as you! I had a really bad night last night! And to make it worse I couldnt sleep! Today has not been so bad but right this second I can smeel my sisters chicken nuggests and chips in the oven....Its hard, no denying that, But all I think is how little time it takes to lose the weight compared to your life time of confidence and happiness! It works for me he he ! hope i helped xxx


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Thanks, i just tried to focus on why I was doing this and that others keep saying the first 2 weeks are the hardest. Its weigh in day tomorrow and I need a good result to help me focus more.


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I had lots of bath and pampering and early nights in my first week or two and I never felt better. Wish I still did it! Don't know why I don't? Hope you feel better and get in ketosis soon.

Dizzy x
Thanks everyone.

Can't be doing with baths. I hate them. Yeah I know, I am weird.

I didn't sleep well last night, like a baby the nights before (obviously from lack of sugar ,which was keeping me awake normally). I hope I sleep tonight. If I don't I can see me getting up and snacking.

Fingers crossed I don't.