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Crikey! Nearly 2 months on I'm still at target!

I'm not sure I really believe it! I hit target (very unexpectedly I might add...!) on October 10th. Since then I have been sneaking furtive daily (I know, I know!) peeps at the scales, & whilst it varies enormously day to day, week to week I am still in target range... I have been a bit naughty with some things, Fudge bars, bit more wine than usual, but I still keep weighing in in target range. Am I just super lucky so far? Or would you say I've found my ideal weight? I'm 5ft 4-&-a-bit, & target was 10.5 stone. I do SW from home.
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Well done!! Being at Target is not easy by any means!
I'd say you've found your ideal weight but by keeping an eye on it you are keeping it under control. It's all too easy for the old habits to creep back in over time and this happens when we don't keep getting weighed.
I'm not sure about daily weighing ;-) but I get weighed weekly at group and it keeps me in check!
Well done hun. xx
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Well done, as long as you keep an eye on it you'll be fine, you must be so pleased!
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Can't comment on it being luck, judgement or hard work as I have yet to reach target, but regardless..........well done you!

You must feel fantastic

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Well done to you, I always assume maintaining is a lot harder than loosing the weight as its finding the right balance, but sounds like you have managed it. Just don't push the boundaries too far with the wine and fudge lol.
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Wow, 2 months at target is really good and I agree with charlottegrace1 and think it must be harder to maintain sometimes! :)


Starting over
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well done, you're obviously doing things right and are continuing your healthy eating habits for most of the time:)



I want to be fitter again
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Stop it now . . saying you are lucky undermines all the hard work, control and effort you have put in to achieve your target. Pat yourself on the back because you and only you has acheived this xxxx
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Well done! Sounds like you're keeping in control. I agree though that you should only weigh once a week!
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Firstly well done getting to your target. I found it harder than when trying to get to goal. Just a little hint though be careful about slipping into habits with extra syns, it was my slippery slope away from target. (that and not attending classes weekly)
That said do try and relax and enjoy your target.

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