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Crisps - what did I do wrong?


Last night I attempted to make the crisps but for some reason I cannot see the pictures on the recipe thread so couldn't see what the mix should look like.

My crisps were soggy :( so I guess not cooked enough?

Can anyone tell me how they successfully make theirs and any tips?

Thank you xx:D
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When i make crisps i make 3 or 4 really large ones. I add a little cold water into the pack until it is a thick paste and then i spread it on a piece of baking paper. to make them not soggy u have to spread them really thinly and cook for long enough. my mw i is 850w and i cook for 1 mins 20 secs. i made the same mistake first time i made then coz i put loads of little blobs on the baking paper and they ended up all thick and soggy yuk!!

hope this helps!
Ok thanks Lisa, so it seems I must have made them too thick, they also got stuck to the greaseproof paper, will that also be because they were too thick and soggy? Should they pop off if crispy?

They were in the microwave for over 2 mins (800w) and still soggy, oh dear!

I think they would have tasted lovely :) will try again.
Thanks for your help xx
My microwave is pretty pathetic so mine can take almost 3 mins before they looked cooked!!!! But as everyone said you should be able to peel them off the paper! I'm going to go make some now. My fave is oriental chilli with tabasco & black pepper - i might give the cajun spice a go!
Great thank you to you both, I tried oriental chilli with tabasco last night but I do love cajun spices, which soup do you use?

Will make sure they are very thin next time! xx
MrsR don't use greaseproof paper use baking paper - they are so much easier to make on that.


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I used those non stick silicone mini muffin things. They are fab & just pop right out of them.
Make a thick paste & blob it into each one.
You should nuke them for a minute & if they're not done, then keep doing it for 10 seconds at a time, until they are crisp.

They take 1 minute 40 in my microwave.
Thanks peeps, better try some baking paper I think, only had greaseproof, fancy trying to make the cookies but nervous after my crisp disaster :) xx

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