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Hi all , I was wandering round the 'net' earlier and came across some recipes ...and spotted one for crisps !!
gotta have a go at them !!!

I got my really thin slicer out, sliced a potato, then I sprayed some frylight on the actual plate in my microwave .
Laid the potato slices on it (dont overlap) and microwaved them for 6 mins
(my micro oven is a 900 watt )
O M G they are so good :drool::drool::drool:
sprinkle with a little salt...

I also made a cous cous cake. different but nice . Now Im just cooking shepards pie with swede/carrot topping with cabbage and carrots mmmmm
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Reached Target. woohoo
Good for you!

I make chickpea cake earlier... well... might have been better if I hadn't forgotten the sugar... hey don't laugh I have been poorly! :8855:
Wer'e not laughing at you Treats wer'e laughing with you. :8855:xxx Loobylou
I must say i have never cooked with so much errr.... weird stuff LOL
cous cous, quark, chickpeas, garam masla, fromage fraise- is that really french? Oh well !!
It's a curry base...although I don't know more than that, sorry.
I think i've seen before that if you cook potatoes like this to become crisps that they're no longer sin-free. Due to the fact that the sin and free food values are calculated on the food as it is most commonly eaten. So for a potato the value would stay the same for roasted, mashed, boiled etc, but when it becomes crisps because you can eat a whole lot more potato, the water content has changed (or disapeared), and it wouldn't fill you up in the same way potatoes would normally, the crisps should officially have sins.

I think this applies to any food that's not being eaten in the way it was intended.

Sorry to put a dampner on your cooking frenzy, but it's something to bear in mind!
even though i've said i want a crisp maker and how good an idea it is to make them, i havent really craved any crisps at all! in fact i havent craved anything really ... i've had some chocolate spread over the week but nothing like i would have pre diet. I would normally have ate 2 or 3 packets of crisps a day and now i can thankfully say im not missing them at all lol

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