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CS will work!!

Hey all I started CS last Thursday and so far it's going well.. here's my stats

Start Weight 22/07: 155lb
Current Weight(5 days in): 152lb
Total loss: 3lb
Goal Weight: 127lb :eek:

It's tough enough sticking to the CS diet, I'm craving carbs like crazy. I'm a pure chocaholic so I find it weird craving pizza and bread and crisps!! How's everybody finding it?
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its my first day today and so far so good!!! I had steak and veg for tea but it was a big peice of steak so I hope it does not effect my weight loss!!
I am a chocaholic too!! good luck hun xx
Thanks you too girly! The size of the meat shouldn't matter too much as long as you cut the fat off. I'm nearly a week down now and so far i've lost 4lb. It's the only diet that has worked for me in a while!! Which shakes have you tried?
not tried the soups yet (not sure how to do them as didnt think you could put hot water in the shaker) but I think the shakes are really nice and very sweet (I have a sweet tooth so I it satisfies my sweet cravings) cafe latte is lovely for breakast, didnt think I would like banana flavour but it was yum!! so far I like them all, how about you?
my 3rd full day today and I still feel very positive and sure this is the diet for me!!! I am just very impatient and want all my weight gone staright away but I know it will take time as I have 4 stone to loose!!!xxx
Hi there, I have been on CS for 2 weeks now and am 10lbs lighter, I have about 35lbs to lose so I thought that was a good start, I love all the shakes and as I am not too keen on soups I didn't think I would try them but I did and they are really tasty and soooo filling, I bought myself a big mug and do it like you would a cup-a-soup, is very yum yum if you leave it to cool a little before drinking. I love the snack bars too. I have tried a few of the low carb recipes on the CS forum and they are delicious. As a tea-a-holic I never thought I would be able to drink much water but I use a 500ml sports top bottle (have a few in the fridge and rotate them so I always have a cold one) and I easily get through 4-6 a day and I only have a cuppa tea when I get up in the morning so I am not even having my allowable 3 a day. Something else i did was have my daughter take front and side photos of me in my bra and nickers and I have put them on my comp, she took the same poses yesterday and comparing them yesterday I can already seee the difference in my body shape so am going to do that every 2 weeks, it really is motivational. Sorry for the long rant lol and wish you both lots of luck and happy weigh-in days.
Hi all!
Just wanted to add to this post to say that CS REALLY DOES WORK!!
Today is the start of week 2 and my first weigh in - cannot believe that I have managed to loose 8lb's in a week! SOOOOO happy!!
I haven't found it too hard to stick to - I've even eaten out twice this week and been to a party where I drank vodka a plenty and indulged in the bits of the buffet that weren't loaded with carbs! I think they main things to do to make sure you can stick to the diet is to really drink a lot of water and make sure you plan ahead and have good healthy snacks inbetween shakes - I've been having things like mini greek salads with 10% fat feta and cucumber and pepper sticks with reduced fat humous or reduced fat dips/dressings - I really don't feel as if I have had a hard week of dieting at all!
So on to week two . . . I'll post again next week to see how I'm getting on!xx
well done all on your weight losses -- im restarting the CS as i want to get to my ideal weight of 150lbs -- ill be happy if i can lose 3 stone by jan 2011

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