Ahh yeah - vlcds are famous for causing gall bladder problems (did Cambridge myself for 6 months a few years back). Hope you get that sorted xx
hiya, im no stranger to vlcd's having done lighter life, cambridge & slim & save in that order! i was just looking on atkins out of curiosity really dont know much about this diet so found this thread usefull but really confused about the alcohol point, on all the other ketogenic diets alcohol is a big no no saying it can actually be very dangerous to drink alcohol whilst in ketosis... so just wonderd how atkins was different? thanks for any info :)
I'll be reading through this very soon x x
Just read your post and its brilliant!
Added all my meals on to my fitness and im having about 51% fat
! Need more fat but alergic to dairy, how else can I get it as im using oil and eating the fat on the meat?

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Sneaking in to bump this, sorry I don't have the time to be around guys.

For the poster above, try fattier meats, like bacon, maybe lactose free dairy?
Fab thread, looking to make the transistion from VLCD to atkins. Think im pretty much convinced now :)
Bump. Great post! Very informative. :)
Very interesting - looking to start from a vlcd in mid Dec - This has great info for me!
Bumping for the new year:)