curious question


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Hey all i was planning on doin maintenance for a bit but after the xmas i had i decided to go back tfr till my sis party in last week of feb . I have 21 maintenance shakes do u think it be ok to use these this week as tfr and then get my tfr shakes next week ??? Any help on this matter much appreciated
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I'm not too sure about that, I was told in my chemist that you could use maintainence shakes for a couple of daays but as far as i know you may not go into ketosis on them. I could be wrong, why don't you phone your chemist/lipotrim helpline. Let me know how you get as i'd be interested to know for sure.
Actually, I do know there is an appetite suppressant in the maintainence which helps as if your eating you wouldn't be in ketosis when using those shakes as calorie control.


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My personal opinion is that if you were going to go on refeeding and you have all the necessary shakes then you might just as well do the refeed and just start your intake control a little early. If the diet and all the help and support on here has taught me anything it is that losing the weight is the easy (relatively!)part but keeping it off is the hardest part. So go for it!!