Exante 800kcal Started 10th March 2022 - Diary


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Hey guys my names Jay, I'm 32, started this as I'm type 2 diabetic and overweight and just not happy with the way I look, it would be great to put my diabetes into remission and doing the research on VLCD's this is very possible, I will be updating this post regularly if your interested in following my progress.

11/03/2022 - 13 Stone 11 Lbs (Starting Weight)

10/03/2022 - So first day, yeah its weird not having any solid food and the exante shakes are ok, banana is definitely the best, will not order the chocolate again or the candy cane.

13/03/2022 - 3 days in and I'm still not hungry, but my brain is very hungry all I can think about is food lol, maybe that's normal when you stop eating food, my brain is going around with worry about will I loose a decent amount in my first week and if I do loose the weight will I have loose skin, smelling my housemates cooking is making it harder but I guess if I can get through that then I should be ok.
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I love exante, back on it myself. The coffee flavours are lovely. Hoping to lost 14lbs in 8 weeks. I have 2 shakes and a healthy meal for tea. Been messing about for too long dipping into different diets.