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Currently on LowCal - should I come back to LowCarb?

Hi all

I did Atkins about 7 years ago, before I had two kids, and lost 25 lbs. I found I was fine on it if left to my own little "bubble", but if I had to eat out or visit people's houses, I was constantly challenged about my eating choices and it really started to wear me out.

I started on Scottish Slimmers program about 6 weeks ago and have lost 11 lbs. Okay - not bad, but I'm obsessing about food and notice that I'm skipping/reducing meals left, right and centre to make sure the pounds come off. I'm now getting scared of eating, and a trip to the supermarket has me obsess about how many calories there are in everything. My blood sugar is NOT happy!

I'm not happy being hungry, and I still have 50 lbs to lose. I'm going on a cruise next month, and was thinking of redoing Atkins after I get back. Currently I'm avoiding bread, sweets, pasta and potatoes anyway - I feel like I might as well just stay off them completely and eat some real food (chicken with skin! Steak! Real cream cheese, not the stupid low cal kind!) I'm already eating mostly just lean meats and vegetables, plus one bowl of cereal in the morning.

Is low carbing more accepted now? Should I just stick to what I'm doing or make the jump? I'm determined to lose this weight somehow, but don't want to be miserable doing it. I'd like to feel like I can eat a bowl of rice or a bit of pasta one day when I'm closer to goal, but I feel like for now I can give it up.

Advice or commiserations?
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ah bless you seraphine! what a dilema you are in.

Ive only started this week on atkins and already lost 8lbs!!!!!

Previously i have done cambridge diet and lost 4 stone in 4 months but this meant no eating at all.

its evident to me that low carbing works for me - regardless of what people think about 'these diets' im doing what works for me!

If your not happy - whats the harm?

Read the stickys on the front page of this forum before making your final decision as they will tell you 99.9% of what you need to know about atkins.
I found I was fine on it if left to my own little "bubble", but if I had to eat out or visit people's houses, I was constantly challenged about my eating choices and it really started to wear me out.
That's a problem I had with every diet I tried. You have to do what works for you love, Atkins suited me fine, nothing else did, each to their own I say. :)
Thanks for your replies, everyone!

I've been a bit discouraged about how little I've lost in comparison to past low-carb experiences - the 11 lbs I've lost so far doing low-fat seems so paltry!

I decided to go with Low Fat this time around as my mother in law and sister in law are both on the same plan and I thought it might make family dinners easier. But I'm really hungry and yet I'm afraid to eat - I'm allocated 50 checks on the Scottish Slimmers plan, but am afraid to eat that much. Eating sweets just triggers binges, or guilt, so I just stay awa. Last week, I had some chocolate and some chinese food, and it threw me completely off track.

Like I said, I've got this cruise coming up, so I really think after I get back, I'll launch properly into Low Carb again. This is my first holiday in almost 2 years, and there's too many temptations on the ship to keep to any plan (although I really didn't want to limit my eating, so I'm promising myself more exercise on board). But when I get back I could do a clean induction.

I'm trying to look good for my 20 year school reunion - as I missed my 10th, it's really important to me to go this time! And I want to look good!

Thanks again for your kind words - I will be checking back here when it's time to get started.

We'll see you after the cruise then love. ;D
Each check is 25 calories, then you get unlimited veg on top of that, plus 1 portion of dairy and 1 of fruit.

I just find myself being hungry, seeing how many checks something is, and backing off it completely, like it's just not worth it. So it's like I've hoarded them away. When the weight comes off, and sometimes it does, you feel good about it. But even though I know in my head that it's like a starvation response, and the next time I eat anything, the calories will stick like glue, I can't stop myself from doing it.

Isn't disordered eating fun? (not)

I can't believe that I will sometimes pick up something that's 400 calories (16 checks) and thinking that's way too much for a meal, and I must be able to find something else. It's getting so I'm not enjoying anything I eat.

I've always been a binge eater, so this behavior is strange for me. I'm reluctant talking to anyone in real life about it because people just seem to think that it's normal to cut back if you are trying to lose weight. I don't like to admit how much I'm cutting back. If afraid if I eat more than I am, I'm going to gain instead.

I know... not normal. I'm trying to keep it in check.


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Seraphine - thats the beauty of atkins the amount you can eat :)