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Eloquent hooligan
Is that a gym ? Sounds like a lap-dancing bar to me :D

I'm a member of David Lloyds... getting my arse back down there this week... love hitting the weights & destressing & then chilling out having a swim / sauna / wetroom / jacuzzi - proper chilled by the time I get back home afterwards :)
lol yeah its a womens only gym, i have real confidence issues so i really dont wanna be in a gym full of wanabe barbies haha.

no wonder ur relaxed after all that, but ur just right you have to be kind to yourself, good on you for going back down howdy. ps what is ur name? lol i feel like im talking to smeone from a cowboy film lol


Eloquent hooligan
Mark :)

I have no idea why I chose that user name lol it just came into my head when I registered :)

I normally only use one user name (Shooms) wherever I go as I have enough to remember as it is but I got para that someone googling me would find I was a member of a fat forum... now I don't give a stuff :) Minimins has got me thru 5 stones so dead proud of the site :)
nice to meet you Mark. yeah none of my friends know im on a fat forum, i get enough stick for the name of the diet lol good for you for being proud so you should be though you put in all the effort and unless anyone has been on the larger side of life then they cant understand how it can affect your life in so many ways


Eloquent hooligan
Sunday :)

Cheers for your message btw :) I wasn't MIA for long ;)


Eloquent hooligan
I lost 12lbs last week but that was ridiculous... guessing it was mainly water / glycogen loss.. I'd be happy with a 3 or 4 lb loss each week onwards... :)


Serial poster
Howdy - 3 -4 sounds realistic.

Emily - there is a curves thread on health section, might have some info for you!

Know what you mean about the barbies - gotta love the kens though!


Eloquent hooligan
Kens & Barbies are both plastic :p Give me a natural woman anyday :)

I must look a right state as I'm normally to be found sweating to 1991 hardcore in my headphones - Top Buzz or DJ Hype for preference (find it really lifts me & gives me great energy when a right tune gets dropped)... unfortunately I have an old ravers habit of wiggling my hands or tapping my feet rhythmically :eek: :eek:
I am a member at curves and love it. I used to go to JJb but it got way too busy. I was at curves today and really enjoy going. It only takes 30 minutes and burns loads of kcals :)
whats the sort of prices lexi? i had a look on their webite as there is one near me but i couldnt find a membership price or a session price or anything like that. thanks for that mazza i shall have a look :)
thats not bad lexi. is that just for one session a week or as many as you like?
thanks for letting me know, im either going to go tonight or tomorrow and see about joining.
thats the plan, can you tell ive no patience lol I WANT IT NOOOOOWWWW! haha

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