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Daily diary

Day 1.
Not organised enough.
Full of hope in morning, then went from 9am till 3pm without shake and not much water as out.
Then gave in and had peanut butter on toast.
Tomorrw need to have water and shakes with me. Be more organised.
I still feel posative as I know why I did not manage the day.
I do feel very tired today, nothing to do with the diet (well it only lasted 7 hours so how could it be!?) just a tired day.
Better luck tomorrow x
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Day 2
Bad day as far as ... Well everything. Woke up with a terrible headache which lasted all day. Someone had accident at work so ended up going to hospital for four hours, so ended up doing 24 he shift, got in at 10:30pm, freezing cold starving hungry and had m&s tea cakes and toast,......bummer!!!
Must do better, please go away headache!
Horrible day, long day. And still got that headache.
Let's see what tomorrw brings, I can do this!!! 2 bad days does not equal failure just means need to be organised and focus on the end result, x
I just read through a few diaries, OMG one of them had made me feel sick!!! I think it might even be a joke! Such a bad diet, yuk!
I will do this now, what's the other option? Get fatter?! No thanks, not sure it's about fat now, feel it's about getting healthy, I will check the diary that made me want to be ship shape and healthy often to keep me on track!
Decided to keep log of how I feel. So when I am slim me, I can look back at journal of fat me and see how much better I feel.
Ok, today, feeling a bit tired, worn out, but busy day. Took son up hospital app then went for catch up with my freind. Am sleeping at work tonight so must organise myself.
A good day but worn out and not very focused or sharp. Headache almost gone.
It's been raining all day, dull and dreary, I wonder how weather effects my well being/ moos/ eating? Going to write it down.
Can't wait to go to bed and sleep x
Yipeeee my headache has gone!:)))
I can crack on and concentrate on my diet now!
Thanks hope,
If I could just get in that zone when it just clicks, I'd be fine. Done it many times before and when your in that place your so strong nothing would ruin your diet or desire to be slim. I just hope I get there again!
So it's saturday and I've not lost a pound!
Got WI on Monday 1:30. So if I'm good today and Sunday and Monday morning, I could still loose 2lb I think.
On (or trying to be on) CD. So shakes for next 2 1/2 days for me.
I don't know what's stopping me getting into it, Its only me that I let down!
If I manage shakes till Monday I will be able to get into it, so here goes!
Try try try again, and that's what I will do!
Oh yeah, and I have done it before so I know can do it, X
Done it! All day sole source, hope I can keep this up, had lots of temptaion today aswell so really pleased with my self, would have been soooo easy to give in and eat today. Offer of lunch out and my fav cheese n onion walkers crisps which my freind bought me stayed on the side unopened! Please let me be this strong tomorrow x


On A Mission!
Well done Karen! Getting one good day in will bouy you up for tomorrow. Which sole source diet are you following?
Thanks Lynn,
Well done you! Been reading your diary, can't beleive the before and after pic.
I'm on CD, but after reading your diary had a look at xante. If I manage to drop a few stone I might switch to that. It's about half the price!
Think after looking at your pics this morning made me see how much better I could look, because your transformation is amazing! Thanks for sharing x
Sunday was rubbish!!!
So once again on day one Monday (today). Grrrrrrr!!!!!
Silly me, weak me and going to stay fat me if I don't do this!
Karen, pull yourself together!!!
Lost 1lb, because I'm just finding CD so hard this time round! Why I don't know. I've done it before but is really not happening this time round. I sm going to keep trying and hope to last longer than 1 day ! Boo hooo:(((
Right pull myself together, just stop moaning and get on with it!!!
Ok, so had a think and decided I just need to loose weight, how doesn't matter!
So went to WW today. I thought if I can loose 3lb a week it's better than 1lb on a liquid diet that I can't stick to. I wish I had been able to but I can't this time round.
So now looks like I'll be writing a food diary.
Please let this work, I know I can do it so here's to a new lighter me:))) x
2. Slices w/meal toast + flora. got to look pp up

Ww orange choc bar. 3 pp

Jacket potatoe with tiny bit of flora and grated cheese, carrot, onion, radish, raw beetroot, spoonful salad cream.
Whopping....11 pp

Milk for coffee. 3 pp

But I am full so you never know I might not binge. Silly me... I will not binge!!!
I'm mean I'm allowed 33 pp, that's alot!
Omg, how nice are the ww choc n orange bars!!! Lush! I think I would choose them over a snickers :))) x
So, I have now stopped Cambridge.
Found it harder second time around, then felt I failed everyday, even if I ate a raw carrot I would have broken diet so then I would binge until the next day and this happen everyday!!!:(

Now have points to think of, but so nice to be guilt free when I eat healthy food. Been good so far, no binges, don't seem to even want to, which is good.

Have been on pro points plan since Friday so today will be my third day. Still feeling posative and as I'm a member of a lovely gym/spa that I never go to because I feel fat, I know mad waste of money! I've decided to stop putting my life on hold and just get on with this! So swimming and aqua for week 1. Along with walking outside everyday for at least 1/2 hour.
I will increase waking by 15 mins each week. Once I've lost a 1.6lbs I'll go to gym aswell as walking swimming.
This is the plan. I need to stick to this and I will do well. Other things are to drink 2 Ltrs water a day and max of 2 slices bread. Better to have no bread but let's see.

I did think of starting new diary as now on WW but I want to look back at my whole journey and how I get to the end not just the good bits but bits where I have failed too.

Here goes!!! Let's get on with this!!!!
Day three, feeling good :))))) happy Sunday !
Loose 1.6lbs before I go to the gym.....
Oh dear, I ment 1st6lb!!! Lol,
This week I have to do...
30 min walk each day
3 excercise DVD s
Body brushing everyday
Drink at least 2ltr water everyday
Swimming at least twice

No ifs or buts, just get on and do it!

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