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daily menus


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Hi all

Ive just been looking at my diary and my breakfast is always the same.

Is it okay to keep having coco pops or frosties every morning (correct weight etc), i mean i dont have excuse of not cooking a good breakfast but with past health problems the easy option was just cereal.

Tbh i like to use less points in day and have a good hearty high point tea so then i dont have the urge to get other stuff at night as i tend to have tea roughly 6-8pm. Is this okay

Does anyone else have less in day and more at night or just even it out like the book???

Many thanks if you get back xx
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OFC its ok :) variety does help you avoid becoming bored and perhaps bingeing but as long as your staying in your points its cool and mmmm coco pops <3 I can't have them in the house because I'd just eat the whole box :eek:

As for the spread of your points throughout the day it really is up to you for how works best for you. Some people need a big breakfast or they'll pick at work others like you and me need a big dinner, if I didn't save most of my points for the evening I'd be going over because thats my weak time.

Sounds like your doing just fine :) best of luck for weigh in xxx


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I have never eaten breakfast, but I try to nibble on carrot sticks and cucumber all morning, then i'll have sushi and ww crisps for lunch, sushi is 3pts and crisps are 1.

This means I'm not using all my points too early in the day, in case I want a vodka, ww choccie bar, or if everything goes wrong, some galaxy chocolate lol.

I love to have a big meal at night too, pasta and a ww garlic bread is my fave!


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I have shredded wheat every morning and fingers crossed im not too bored yet ha ha xx


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yes of course its fine! i dont eat a great deal during the day as i feel that i am genuinely more hungry in the evenings so i have a low point BF and lunch then have dinner and snacks later, its worked for me sofar! good luck mrs xx


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Yep I have always done this. I have porridge most mornings as its the only thing that really fills me all morning. Then I usually have a tuna salad, and yoghurt. Then I use up most of my points over the evening. Def hasn't done my losses any harm.


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As long as you are within points and enjoying what you eating carry on. I dont have a set pattern cos work shifts


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As long as your not bored then your doing fine!!

I have porridge almost every morning, sandwich and yogurt for lunch and then save the bulk of my points for dinner and a treat in the evening because thats when I am weakest....seems like lots of us are in the same boat!

Good luck with your WI, I'm sure you will be great!


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I tend to have a big bf using about 5/6 points as it keeps me filled up to lunch. tend to have special k and toast or egg on toast :D


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Sounds like there are a few of us who tend to follow this pattern - I very much try and keep my points low during the day and then I can scoff at night without feeling too guilty. And I also have muesli every day - so don't worry about the same brekkie thing!

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