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Addicted to Minimins!


please try again
come to my house, cable box is broken and the man to fit a new ones not turned up yet
no tv = no adverts


Addicted to Minimins!
I'm tempted to not watch it until i get to goal - it might make life a bit easier.


please try again
those m & s adverts are designed to have you drooling in a puddle and racing to the nearest store the second the advert finishes. BAD M&S
I've cured myself of the m&s problem, last time I watched one my husband was eating haggis for tea so no I link the smell of greasy fried lungs, lips and cheeky bits with m&s food YUCKKKKKK
I was thinking just the same before I logged on here! Very strange! And I saw the marks and spencers 1.........chocolate bread and butter pudding....hmmmmmmmmmmm.

Just got in from the pub, where my OH had a meal and a beer and I sat there with my glass of water!!! The people sat next to us must of thought it was weird....but I got through it, thats the main thing x x x

omg the m&s adverts are the worst...they play them in slow mo so that we can see the chocolate sauce just dripping...oh im drooling already!!

devilishandsweet, lol at your post. When I start cb i will have to go out for dinner with my other half and dont know how im going to get around not eating....i dont want people to think im werid either..considering not going but bf would be disappoitned but if i leave starting cb till then i will have lost time!!

decisions decisions!!:gen147:
I know what you all mean about the adverts every since i started the diet last monday they have all been food or adverts about diets lol
I agree those M&S ads are killers.

I think they should be banned like other things that are bad for you. A plus for watching BBC :)
Isn't it sooooo weird how when we are on this diet we pick up on all the adverts for food!!

But we just have to remember......when we get to goal we can retrain ourselves to eat healthy to keep the weight off but still be allowed to have treats like the stuff from M&S every so often!!


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I can cope with the M&S adverts, it's the McDonald's ones that get to me, especially the latest one, cos oh God I could kill for a Big Mac at times
yayyyy to the fact im not going crazy lol i hate the m&s ads i have never struggled watching an ad before until they started!! they are so so tempting. my daughter laughs at me coz wen they come on i cover my eyes like a little kid lol maybe we should complain to them lol bad bad m&s!!
I LOVE the M&S one - in a weird masochistic way. I do have to restrain myself from licking the telly though! As it is I look like my mother's labrador in front of food - right down to the drool!
I also hate the chocolate ad - the one where she has a secret supply in a tin!

The girl inthe ad looks sooooooooooo smug while she eats it. lol

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