Damn blood sugar levels and SW Red days


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Yeah any fruit has natural sugars in, which are carbs. Have you had your HB's yet? You could have some wholemeal bread, some ryvita or crackerbread or a jackie P or some cereal/cereal bar? They all have a fair amount of carbs!

Jo x


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S: 16st2lb G: 12st0lb
Yeah 2 alpen light bars, and 2 slices of bread,
plus i had shepheards pie and veg for tea, had fruit during day.
I always get this when i start diet, all i want is lots of slices of bread and butter very quickly all at once to get rid of shakes!!
manic craving lol!!!!


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S: 16st2lb G: 12st0lb
Yeah ive had this problem before so did green.
But im sooooo bloated from eating soo much stuff over xmas
I didnt really fancy lots of carbs if you get me.
I do green tomorrow, maybe red the next, ween myself lol
Thanks for advice girls


rainbows holiday buddy :)
i do green all the time cos i'm veggie. i find the bloating lasts for a few weeks then settles down once my body is used to the mammoth amounts of fibre!

hope you manage to stop your shakes :)


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why not do ee i have to go to the doc this month and hope to come of my med and have only ever did ee