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Day 1 again

Hey Ruth. I'm desperately trying to get through another day one too! I'm just in from work so i have had 3 slices of turkey and some cottage cheese. This is my danger time when i pick from now til bed time. I am about to do gammon steak and chips for tea which will be a real challenge. Got three invites out tonight so probably fail again. Hope you stay focussed.
Aw, it's so hard isn't it. I'm determines this time, I've got an appt 23rd decemember to start fertility treatment, I need to lose as much of the 39lbs I've set myself as i can. I've done 27lbs in 6 weeks before, so I'll get fairly close i think!
Good Luck Ruth, I am on day 5 of a restart. Don't think of it as an obstacle, just think of it as a choice. Then focus on how great you are going to feel at Christmas when you are down all those pounds.

Hey Ruth hows it going? I am back on day 1 of restart and feeling a bit peculiar lol. Not a big surprise really - normal day 1 feeling!

BIG restart for me - I have been messing about for 2 months now and have put back on nearly 2 stone :( Desperately hoping to get that and more off for christmas - would love to be in the 17s for christmas!

Fingers crossed for both of us...AGAIN
Best of luck Ruth, day1 it will be always harder. I always start eating alot the night before i start any diet, so I feel sick, the next day that I need to lose the weight, so it keeps me motivated but with CD, you lose the hunger on day 3 which is great!

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