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Day 1 Lipotrim - Really Nervous!

Hi I've just started LT today doing the TFR..I am really nervous..I did this diet about 3 and a half years ago and lost 5 stone in 3 and a half months, found it difficult but after each weigh in I was motivated for the next week...I kept all the weight off up until last year when I had a car accident and hurt my neck and back, and with being out of work and the gym I turned to rubbish food and put on nearly 4 stone!!

I am nervous cause I keep thinking just cause it worked first time will it work again? will I have the same motivation as last time? You know when you do something for the first time you are all excited and motivated to go..but second time round the doubts just seem to kick in. I know it's probably psychological but no doubt I'm very nervous. I do know that I hate being this size and want to get back to the way I was, keep looking at my wedding photo's last year and I look like a completely different person, much younger looking and happier too!! I will be that happy person again...

...So here's to positive thinking and hopefully some encouragement from you fellow lipotrimmers!!

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good luck gail at least your giving it a shot todays my 1st day had a strawberry yuk and a chocolate which isnt so bad still feel a little hungry, hope you give it your best shot x
Hi Gail,

I am sure if you really want to lose the weight something inside you will keep you motivated. Nobody likes to carry excess weight. I am on Day 8 of TFR and it is getting easier.

I spent a year in denial about my weight and now I wish I hadnt but I will lose this weight some how because i am fed up feeling miserable about it.

Best of Luck
Good luck to you to Scarymovie, Well we're in the same boat on Day 1!! Had the strawberry for breakfast too and just finished the Vanilla Shake but left a little bit over to add to my coffee..it's amazing how I'm starting to remember the little things I did to make it more bearable!!

Thanks Evelyn for your encouragement..I know what you mean about putting off the weight loss, it's so hard to get motivated and started, the only thing I can say is I've done it before, and I know what it is like to fit comfortably into a size 12 and believe me it's an amazing feeling...better feeling than any food could give me. I just have to keep remembering that feeling and keep on going!

One thing is for sure if I do succeed this time I will never let this happen to me again!!:)
Hi Gail - I'm on LT for the first time - and on my 4th day! So - it's nice to hear from you! I'm sure you'll do as well this time... at least you kinda know what to expect! So - keep us posted how things go...


Here we go again!
Hi and welcome Gail. It's my second time on LT now as well and I agree with what you say about being apprehensive the second time around. I've started week 7 now and the weight is still coming off, it does work, we know that and it will for you too. Just stay positive and strong and it will work for you.

Good luck for your first week, stick to it 100% and you will be fine!
Hi Gail
This is my first time, I'm in week 4 now. I'm sure you'll start feeling the same buzz as you did last time when you got your successful weigh-in's. You'll remember about how good you felt about yourself each week, and how proud you were of yourself for keeping going. Try not to focus on the negative "what iff's" but remember all that was good about the first time.
Awesome tip about adding some left over vanilla to coffee too, I hadn't thought of that so am going to try it later on.
Best of luck with the new diet, look forward to "chatting" to you about it xx


Back on the diet train...
big welcome back on the LT train hun!! :)

sorry to hear about your accident but if you stay positive you will be that happier person in the photo. :)

good luck

Hey Gail welcome (again) Im a newstarter as well, just finishing up my first week. I must say it was difficult at the beginning because I suppose I knew what to expect and it was terrifying but I got through it (thanks to this forum) and I have no doubt that you will be fine.

As for motivation- whatever worked for you last time try it again this time- take each week as it comes and use the weight loss as a motivator (I must say I think I will nick that if you dont mind ;)

Best of luck and remember keep us posted on how you are getting on!! (Im very nosey;0)
Day 1 done & dusted only 6 more to weigh in!!

Ok day one done and dusted, must say it was soo hard watching my family eat their gorgeous dinner but I had the chicken soup with a little curry powder added to give it that extra bite and I was fine..actually had the best sleep ever..probably due to the fact that I wasn't 'stuffed' with food going to bed!!

Really great to hear all the encouragement on this thread, keep up the good work Tootiefruitie, sonkie & Bex! Princess81 you're well on the road to 'slimnes's now being on week 4, well done!! MiniB you're doing great and in same boat as me being second time on LT, we can't let ourselves get here again..We will do it this time and for llife!!

BrianSecretAgent you should be hitting ketosis by now..oh can't wait for that!! It makes TFR so much easier...Roll on next Monday Scariemovie!!...can't wait for weigh in!!

Now for a delicious mocha coffee for breckfast (coffee with some of the chocolate shake whisked up in a blender)...mmm

Best of Luck to Everyone :)
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good morning gail well done with day 1 good start to day 2 i was having a lot of food dreams lol and all the adverts seem to be a bout it too lol but still made it i was only given 1 chicken soup so was saving it for day 3 as i ve been told its the worst will get flapjacks next week as well so i can chew haha but keep it up i had a sneak peek at my scales this morning says 3lb less so im hoping there right but it has encouraged me to last til monday for weight in good luck
OMG Scarymovie, I was dreaming about food too last night, dreamt I was eating chicken!! But in the dream I felt really guilty, so I won't be tempted to cheat...Do what I do with the chicken soup, add some curry powder or chilli powder, it helps take the bland taste out of it and its not cheating, no calories or carbs or citric acid in it, I've checked it out. The soup is great for when you hit ketosis cause you get really cold; your body temp lowers cause it's fooled in to thinking your in starvation mode so its trying to save energy to keep your vital organs warm. I got 7 packets to have in the evenings..As for the flapjacks I never tried them, I heard it's like eating cardboard! But maybe you will enjoy them, everyone to their own..But best of luck. I checked the scales too and looks like I'm down 6 lbs, but I'm not fooled by that, I ate so much on Sunday night and a lot of it is only water loss, we need to burn off those fat reserves and that only happens when we reach ketosis, that's why you lose so much in the first week and then its less in the weeks after that, but at least you know when you lose the 3-6 lbs in the latter weeks its all fat!! Oh I can't wait for Monday though, water loss or not its so encouraging to see a new lower number on the scales!! and we should be in Ketosis by thursday but isn't it great to see a few pounds gone after just one day, just goes to show we should be in for a decent loss come Monday :) Well done to you too Sonia, your down 19 lbs!! Keep it up..Let's all stay positive, it's the only way to reach our goal ;)
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great idea!

Good luck to you to Scarymovie, Well we're in the same boat on Day 1!! Had the strawberry for breakfast too and just finished the Vanilla Shake but left a little bit over to add to my coffee..it's amazing how I'm starting to remember the little things I did to make it more bearable!!
Wow thats a great idea, sounds like a good substitute to milk in coffee! Although I have surprised myself that black coffee isn't all that bad! Tried the peppermint tea yesterday too which was quite refreshing.

Have a good day everybody x
Tried the peppermint tea yesterday too which was quite refreshing.

Have you tried the pepermint tea cold mixed with a chocolate shake and ice makes a mint choc chip quite nice.:)

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