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day 1 - some questions

i have finally started - whoop whoop!

I had a big glass of water when i woke up which made me feel surprisingly alert. and I have now had a bowl of chicken andmushroom soup (11am). It tasted ok, a bit bland. can anyone tell me if i can add salt and pepper ?

also, it tatsed quite powdery. My CDC told me to make a paste with a small amount of water and then add the rest but it was a bit powdery and afterwards i felt like i had furry teeth and a furry mouth. Any ideas how to get rid of the powderyness?

its tomato soup this evening and then a hot choc before bed. feeling pretty good at the moment despite thinkingg the soups would make me gag.

thanks everyone!
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you can add pepper but no salt.

You will get used to the taste in a few days.lol
good luck.xx
Yeah i had a furry mouth for the first two weeks (when i introduced a bar a day) i don't get it from the bars, the porridge or the tetras. It's probably a good thing while you are starting out as you won't be able to stop drinking water, which will help you get used to the amount you need to drink.

Good luck hun,


Ps- I don't make a paste just hot water, add soup to it and either blend or whisk, i also used to add more water to make them less powdery.


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you can add pepper and some herbs but no salt i'm afraid. the furry mouth syndrome does stop. the spicy tomato is the best soup on the non-powdery taste front for me :)

you are doing well so far :)

abz xx
thanks everyone. i have had a manic day and am now on to my oriental chilli soup. mouth still furry but drinking water helps. am trying to feel excited about the soup but v headachy and a bit depressed. hope it is better in a few days. thanks everyone.

ps still got a hot chocolate to have tonight although am finding it diffic to muster any appetite at the moment!
First few days are the worst. Hang in there and success will be yours.
I use a hand blender and it mixes the shakes really well. Add ice cubes to the sweet ones - they are lovely.

All good wishes
Good luck and enjoy your hot choc tonight. Tomorrow is a new day, each new day makes it easier.
Sounds like you are having your 'meals' at similar times to me, and it works brilliantly for me.
Lynne x


please try again
yeah the headachy rubbish feeling happens first few days while your body goes into ketosis, it will pass hun

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