Day 1!


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Hi all,
well today is Day 1 for me,
I don't feel even half as motivated as I did before, I know i'll stick to it though but I need some motivation, excitment, inspiration!
Feeling hungry cos I have no water, iced in at work :( I'll try get some on my lunch as that puts hunger at bay.

I do KNOW i'll stick to it, which is strange considering I feel very "meh" about it when usually I'm all excited and oozing motivation!

How are you all doing today?
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Daisy i'm sure you will do well, try get some water asap, first Think about all the food you ate over xmas and how rubbish you felt when your clothes didn't fit etc. Now concentrate on your first weigh in day, a nice big weight loss and already your clothes will feel looser i bet.

This is day 3 of my 2nd week and i'm doing ok, bloody cold as there's loads of snow but surprisingly NOT hungry! First time i faulted today as i walked passed cooplands bakers and longed for a hot sausage roll but i kept going and felt good about not giving in.

I hope your day gets better and motivation kicks in, you won't regret it!
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Hang in there Daisy. I know its very hard to stay motivated specially with all this snow and cold weather - all you want to do is have lots of lovely comforting food.

As Stinky says above - remember how bad you felt when you ate, how your clothes will not fit, how uncomfy you will be in the summer when you are hot and sweaty, how you hated seeing your starting weight on the scales at the pharmacy and that you dont want to be that big again.... etc

Get some water asap, have some hot black tea or coffee - that usually takes the edge off the hunger for me specially if its sweet.

Its all about tricking your mind as your mind is trying to trick you.

I am sure that you can do this, each day done is another one closer to weigh in and once you have your first one the losses from that will motivate you to do another week and so on. Good luck and hang in there :D
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Hey, I think the first time you do something it is always more exciting, but you can recapture that excitement. I am sure you have loads of clothes that you cannot get into anymore (my wardrobe is full of them). I know what weight I have to be to fit into each item of my fav slim clothes, so what I did was something like this...

Wk 4 - Wear Green star dress
Wk 5 - Wear Black glitter jacket
Wk 6 - Wear Floral Top
Wk 7 - Wear Yellow Top and Jeans

Once you start imagining yourself wearing all your slim clothes again it does become very exciting!

You really need to be able to visualise your self being slim and how that is going to make you feel. Then you will get excited!!

Also on your signature you could add some goals, and rewards so that you have something to aim for and a little treat to reward yourself. :)

Good luck


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Aw thanks guys!
I feel alot better now actually, have lots of black coffee in me :)
I feel semi excited don't get me wrong i'm not moaning i just miss that massive excitment I had but it is true, that can't really be recaptured.
Thefuturesbright-i love love love this idea, i can't wait to get home and get all my skinny clothes out in order of when they'll fit me!
LMAO one of mine is also a green star dress!!


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ooooh you girls can be matching!!

Both of you have to take pics in them and see if they are the same dress haha!!

I know what you mean about not recapturing it.. I was thinking today about my complete energy high and i hope i get that again!!


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Good luck, im sure when you get stuck into it your excitement will come.:)


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Ooooh its my first day today too! I take it you have done this before? How much did you lose?

I'm a lipotrim virgin (well was this morning) and so far has been ok. By ok I mean I am starvinating and a bit shaky but the mental bit is good but I so want to munch out!

Good luck my love and hopefully we can trade motivational tips!



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I think the goals thing is quite important and it will give you the inspiration and the motivation to keep going.....a ship without a rudder springs to mind!!

You did it last time and you know you can do it, you just need to get all the excitement back which will if you have little mini goals to achieve and reach..that is when we get excited!

Have a good Day 2!!!!


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Well Daisy, our first day is almost over! One last hot drink and I'm off to bed so as I don't think about the hunger.
Hope the rest of your day was good :)


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I agree with Future about setting goals and trying on some fav clothes. This weather probably does nothing to encourage any of us in our efforts either. Hang in there, you will be fine.