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Day 1

Hey Everyone.
Just starting my day 1. did try to start before xmas but due to too many temptations i decided it was best to wait til now. now i have nothing to stop me and nothing in my way.
its been going pretty well so far today and this is the first time ive started to feel hungry. but this site seems to be the best place to be! so much support! reading everyones sucess is inspirational & i hope that i'll be sharing my sucess stories soon :D
Anyway im sure i'll be chatting to you all soon.
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Welcome! I don't think I'd be so committed if it wasn't for this site! When you're feeling a bit crappy it's great to come on here and get motivated x
Hi shakes!
Welcome, I'm only just starting week 2 and already feel great so keep going.
This site has been amazing and I'm always on it now!!

Good luck :)

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thanks lola & jewel
its fun trying to find your way around this site so im sure it will keep me busy reading everyones posts!! im exciting about it all! glad theres so many people going through it to share their experiences! x
hi i bought my first weeks supply yesterday and i am going to start tomorrow, i love reading all the posts and seeing how much everyone has lost, that has what has motivated me to start Lipotrim. fingers crossed i will loose a lot of weight xx
ohhh... heres the tough part of day one. i can smell the tea my parents are cooking downstairs. im ready for my third shake of the day but i darent go downstairs!! lol. i wish i could skip to the end of this week already!! im staying on here until the smell & the food has vanished then im going to get my final shake of the day & then its day one done... woohoo!!

also does anyone know how to change your signature (i need to make some mini goals) and i also need to update my weight figures as i made these ones before xmas :(

thanks :D
Good luck on your journey

Just remember were all here to help no matter the question xx


addicted to minimins!!
hey welcome aboard shakes and tubby! this place is great.. just keep drinking that water and keep yourself occupied and youll be fine.. the first week is the hardest and then your weight loss each week will spur you on! regarding your signature if you go to user cp at the top of the page and then scroll down to signature you can click on your ticker and change it, and if you go to user cp and click edit details you can change the deets that appear on the side of the page.. as for making mini goals in your signature,, the mor eyou post the more room you gain in you signature and i think its 50 posts fo ryou to get lost of room to add mini goals.. so get posting!!!

best of luck,, and keep us updated on how youre doing! diarys are a great way of keeping track :) xx
thanks for your help!! i just had a hot choc for tea and it was yummy! i was quite suprised!! lol :D

im glad day one is done. i know its a long way to go but im glad there are so many people here to help!

Hi Shakes and Tubby

I'm only a few days ahead of you - just got through Day 6 and as everyone had said on here the first week is not necessarily easy. As a result of reading the posts on here i expected to feel a bit ropey and certainly have but now feeling brighter and not actually feeling hungry - although my problem is that I used to eat before even when I wasn't hungry - but when feeling a bit overcome with it all and tempted I read the posts on here and see how everyone is doing and so far it's helped so much.

Good luck and look forward to seeing how you're doing.

Welcome and best of luck, I'm just finished my first week which I believe is supposed to be the toughest, things will get better just hang in there :)
These forums are great I jump on every time I feel hugury and by the time I have spend 20mins reading through everyone elses post. Hunger gone! This is deffinatly the place to get some much needed motivation!
thanks chuck & benny.
i feel pretty good at the moment (a little hungry but no biggie) i know its going to get worse before it gets better but just gotta get week 1 out the way & fingers crossed for some decent results.

well done on your loss so far chuck.... amazing!!! :D:D
Thanks shakes, it was a tough week for me but that result has given me a lovely boost to keep going. I'm hopping week 2 will be good to me :) ... Just remember to drink plenty of water (max 4 litres) every day :)
Well the hunger has just hit me full force lol I feel a bit giddy & sick (oh god this is just day one!! :-( not good!) so I'm gonna get an early night in and roll on day 2!!

I hope week 2 is kind to you & keep up the good work!x
Maybe its time for a glass of water and off to bed if you can manage to sleep?

Think of it another way maybe,

Good idea! I just found that theres an app for the iPhone for minimins which is great as well so I'm feeling a bit better now and I'm gonna try and get some sleep in ? thanks for all your help today ?