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day 14 ...HELP!

hi guys!
well well im on day 14 and i have hit the wall officially
i really am feeling quite fed up on lipotrim i was doing okay and then on friday went out to a work do and had a wine spritzer (just one) then last night i had a spoon of chilli i cooked for my boyfriend
now im just fed up! i have my weigh in weds and now i think im gonna do very badly and i really just want some food. i still have one shake left tonight so im gonna have that soon...
help please i need some wonderful words of wisdom!
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hi there hun
why dont you go and try some of the clothes that are too tight now and which you want to fit into.
stand in front of the mirror and ask yourself how do you feel now and how you would feel when you are slimmer.
think about how you would feel this summer when its warm and the sun is shinning and you are slim wearing gorgeous small clothes.
have a nice long bath with candles, paint your nails, do your hair.
go for a drive and listen to some beautiful music, thinking about the slimmer you this summer.
have an early night.
but dont have food, you can do it sweetheart.
come on here and read the succes stories and watch the inspirational photos.
hope that helps.
thanks sweetheart! i just went and looked in the mirror and im alot slimmer in fact i can see my ribs! amazing feeling alot better thanks hun


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glad i could help sweet chick. and glad your feeling better. keep the spirit up.
:D :D


Sensibly losing :)
DONT DO A 'ME'... there you go" Thats my advice!! Dont do what I do!! LOL! You are doing amazing, dont blow it :) One spritzer and a bit of chilli wont be the end of the world - you will have a good WI and then that bizz should get you through next week... only tmw to get thru and then WI on Weds.. take it in small chunks at a time... :) You can do this, dont back down!! :) :) xxx

Thornhill Cate

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You know what, when I first started this I got pretty hung up on the whole 100% thing. Now, don't get me wrong, if you can do that that's great, but after three weeks I discovered I'm not one of them. Instead of getting all worked up about it, I recognised that in order to stay on this diet I was going to have to allow myself the occasional cheat - but only on protein foods. So on those occasions that I really feel like I have to eat something, I do. Some cheese, some sliced meat, an omelette - as long as there are no carbs involved. If that means that it takes me an extra few weeks to get to goal then so be it. Frankly, the difference for me between getting to goal in five months or six months is immaterial. The important thing is that I get to goal and I know I will do that on this diet if I allow myself to cheat when I need to. If I allowed myself to feel that I had 'failed' by eating, I might be tempted to throw in the towel. Because I don't feel like I've failed when I eat, I just see it as part of MY process for reaching goal, I can just continue on the diet, guilt free.


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look how far you've come already!!!you're half way to your goal and just think about how you felt at the start of your journey and how much better you feel now..imagine then how amazing you'll feel when you get to your goal!dont undo all your hard work!keep your goal at the front of your mind when you feel the urge to eat, whether that means looking at photos that inspire you or clothes you want to wear or something you would like to do when you get to goal!you've inspired me so much in the past week so just think about how you can inspire others by getting to your goal and looking and feeling fantastic!
I know you can do it!!!!
glad to hear you are feeling a bit better - you can do this!!!!
yeah I'm much better today I'm not a very grumpy person but I do get very easily stressed and when I get stressed I get into a funk I'm A bit unstable now that I think about it ;)
Dahlia Rose said:
yeah I'm much better today I'm not a very grumpy person but I do get very easily stressed and when I get stressed I get into a funk I'm A bit unstable now that I think about it ;)
I agree with Kate... If you need to stop and take stock.. If you feel like your heading for disaster... Reward yourself... Some tuna, cheese, chicken or egg etc.. Work it in I did last time and it sped things up and stopped me spiralling.. In fact this time my pharmacist recommended it lol x
You have done great to get to day 14, you have only had a small slip up which most of us have some point, i know i have!! Just move on and start again 100%, it's not worth jepadising (excuse the spelling of that lol) the LT diet for a spoonful of chilli xx

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