DAY 2 CD sweetners in coffee


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S: 18st3lb
Hi Rose,

You can have sweetner, use tablets not spoonable powders which contain sugar in some form or other to make them soonable. It is important for your comfort to drink plenty of fluid.

Love Mini xxx


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Hiya Rose

Sweeteners are absolutely fine but must be tablet based as the granulated is 99% carb and can effect ketosis.



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Hi there,

My CDC said only to use Splener tablets as the least carbs! You could also split open a pack of vanilla shake and use e teaspoon to whiten, although I didn't like it much. But don't have more that one teaspoon per day! Good luck with the journey, you will soon see the benefits.


Thank You

Thank you for your replies, I have four stone to lose, this is the largest I have been, I have to do this for my self and my children, just so I can go swimming with them in the summer, instead of just watching.
I have found this site very interesting, and supportive.
Good luck to your:) goals