Day 2 done....


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WAHEYYYYYYY!!!!!! Day 2 done and dusted with no problems at all, have to say i am loving the CD plan the shakes are soooooo tasty, i love having all the variety as well. Hope today goes as well, finger crossed. Have to say i had a sneaky peek on the sclaes this morning which i know maybe i shouldn't have but its so encouraging to know its working (although i know from experience that if i do it without cheating it will work) glad to say i have lost ,and i can't quite believe it myself...8lbs, i know most of that is water that i retained with my week off LL but even so i am so chuffed and i am deffo going to carry on. My official Weigh in should be on Saturday so hopefully i will still have lost the 8lbs by then,lol.

Lots of love to you all Busy XX
Well Done busy! Hope it's more like 10 or 12 lbs at your weigh in on saturday though ;)

Keep up the fab work - hope it continues to be easy for you. :)
well done hunny, keep up the good work xx