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Day 2

well got through yesterday

i've had a shake and some soup (split into 2 portions) so far today.

i've drunk about 3 litres, but funnily enough its not filling me up its making me hungrier, so i'm going to slow down the liquid for a little bit.

Am going to have a strawberry shake for tea.

and the worse thing about today is that i've come on a week early......was tempted to stop, but its gonna happen sooner or later so might as well deal with it this week!!!!!!......might result in a poor loss thought, will have to see
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Here we go again!
Good for you for getting through day 1. LT does seem to mess up your monthly routine for some people. My last one was a week early and this one was spot on 28 days. Weird! Just cos its TOTM doesn't necessarily mean a poor weigh in result. Mine was last week and I still lost 4lbs. It affects us all differently so you will have to wait and see. Keep up the good work.
Well done for getting through day 1.

Not experienced TOTM as yet so can't help you there.

But splitting the soup in two is a good idea so may try that next week.

Just keep drinking your water and think it will be 3 days tomorrow :)
gosh, i'm struggling this afternoon

not hungry but feel the need to eat....and my eyes are hurting me, they feel really dry......odd ey


Skinny chick wants out!
I feel the same goldengirl...I really want to eat something just for the taste of it, but for some reason I'm not actually hungry and its only day 2!

Keep up the good work and remember why you're doing it...

yeah i'm with you on that.........

only 6 hours until i can go to bed......i might have to have my shake at about 4:30 and just go to bed early for the cravings start!!!!!!

i'm working from home today, so know i could seriously pig out if i wanted to, trying not to think about what i have in the fridge and cupboards:(
Congratulations on starting LT. Don't worry, things may go up and down for the next week or two. Have a look below at my 2 * weeks....My first 2 periods in 23 months!!!! Was told it's my hormones getting back into balance, but never mind I feel totally GREAT and have done the last 4 weeks. It's definately worth working through the pain barrier, just come on here for inspiration, it has certainly been my lifeline.
Hi everybody
I'm on my third day and feel ok just keep drinking water and keeping myself busy as well.

Does anybody find themselves cleaning everything in sight haha?
The 1st cuple days r tuff hun,i still struggle sumtimes n im in my 2nd wk,lost 6lb 1st wk n it woz totm 4 me,keep it up hun x x


maintaining since June'09
I wouldn't cut down on the water if I were you! Sparkling might fill you up more but I wouldn't drink any less if you can help it. x