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day 23 and having a bad day :(

:cry::cry:well its day 23 and i am really strugaling.i dont know how to explain how i feel cus i dont want to eat but also dont want my shakes i just dont know what i want 2day.im not hungry at all so god knows why all of a suddern i feel like this, my mind is going over drive today a mixture of thinking..is it so bad 2 be a big girl and the other half reminding me im doing this 4 my own health.any advice on how to get myself bk motivated please
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I'm very sorry to hear you're not feeling very happy, but you've done so well so far looking at your stats in your signature! You should be so proud of yourself!

Motivation wise, you just have to keep focused on your goal at the end, and exactly why you're doing this.
Good Luck, and hope you feel better soon!
you remind me of myself....i was thinking that lastnight.... "is it so bad being a big girl?"

I'm only on day 5 and im finding today the toughest, like urself i dont want milkshakes but dont want to eat today either, im just in horrible form. Went to bed for 2 hours and still feel the same...didnt want to get up to be honest but have to clean the house!

You have near a stone and a half of....dont throw all your hard work away, what about going for a nice walk to clear your head? Something i might do later to take me out of this crabby form.
i wont give up but feel blahhhh..just dunno what is wrong with me. i love this diet it is so simple but 2day i must admit has been the hardest yet i hate weekends with a passion it hits me like a tonn of bricks expecially when the kids are being wollys. so iv decided im gunna take them out 2 my sisters 4 dinner and shes said she will ahve them 2night 4 me so i can have a bit of me time.. just what the doctor ordered i think.


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Some people like yourself experience full ketosis where all feelings of hunger go completely on this diet type of diet.

It is important to make sure you are taking your three shakes a day and your water even though you may not feel like doing so. Please don't skip any of your shakes as the required three packs a day are so vital to staying well and healthy on the diet.

Everyone at some time during their diet go through these head games it is very natural and it is good that you have your husband there to mirror back to you all the reasons why you started your weight loss journey in the first place.

Losing weight is very emotional and probably more so on a vlcd where the rapid release of estrogen into your blood steam upsets the hormone balance but it will all settles back to normal once you stop dieting.

A way of motivating yourself forward is not to think of your weight loss journey as a whole but to take it one day at a time and to set yourself mini goals and reward yourself with something like a magazine, lipstick or a new top etc., for your achievement.

For example you could say seeing how you have already done three weeks...'I will do this for another three weeks and see how I feel' and then take it from there.

If you continue to lose weight as you are doing you will probably be moving down a size in clothes very soon and everyone finds that very rewarding.
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HI hun I too have been there, even last week was thinking I could live with being this size, but in all honety I can't

Make a list of all the reason emotional and physical that you hated about being a 'big girl'.

Make a list of all the things you have loved oneach stage so far as you have lost weight and inches.

Compare the 2 feelings and then you can make a decision as to which you prefer.

you are having a flat time not wanting anything but not quite there either, you will get through it tho you have to win the mind games to truly make LT work once and for all.

If all else fails go and sleep, sleep through it all

Anna x


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Arrgghh the dreaded week 3. I felt the same way.

Really felt crappy and really felt sorry for myself. Even with the good losses I still felt down and glum.

It will pass. I hope you feel better soon.

Try and pamper yourself like you have never been pampered before!! Find your comforts from anywhere else but food. You can do this!!

We're all in it together xx


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Your doing really well to have lost 22 lbs in 3 weeks. Everyone has a bad day!! Don't be so hard on yourself :) chin up xx
we all have it and will get through it, I've been trying on my too small clothes and bagging thee ones that are too bigg what a feeling, I've also taken my measuremants and will not take them again until i feel so down and need a boost, I hope this will help and wow what a fab loss you have had you should be really proud of yourself!!!

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