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day 27ers SS 100% and everyone else welcome


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i thought it gets better :( am only on day 4!!!
am sure you just need a good sleep we cant be robots all the time

Hi Kerry & all,

I've been hungry today as well, but that is probably because I did an 810 day yesterday (planned & with CDC support). I've probably come out of ketosis which would explain the hunger.

I felt completely in control yesterday though so am happy about that. I'm doing a week of 810 soon but wanted a trial run first so thought fathers day would be a good time to try :). I was sure I'd be craving like mad today, but I'm happy being back on SS and apart from a bit of hunger feel just fine.

It's reassuring to know that the step up isn't as much of a leap as I thought it would be.

Am going to Bluewater tonight to get some work clothes as my trousers are now too big.:wee:

Keep glugging that water!

Oh and Jayne - it really does get easier! I still get hungry at times but it's completely managable and I've realised that being a little hungry won't kill me. Just the thought of being hungry used to make me panic before :rolleyes:...


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cheers alli i have been having more soups and i don't think they fill me up as much as the shakes
have fun clothes shopping i can't wait to get to that point.

jaynie it does get better the hunger is ok its not as bad as day 2/3 lol i am just moaning i get abit like this when its feeding time for my kids and hubby but its not strong enough for me to give in.
Clothes shopping was not much fun! I am between sizes and ended up buying a skirt that's too small to wear as I didn't want to spend money on a skirt that won't fit next week.

I really struggle to buy things for myself :(. For the past few years all my shopping has been for the children and i've only bought stuff for myself if I really needed it. So, of course, today when i was supposed to shop for myself I kept finding myself in the children's dept and have picked up several outfits for the kids and just this one measly skirt for me.

Oh well, babysteps..at least I got something even if I can't wear it for a few weeks!


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aaahhh how crap but it won't be long and you will be in the skirt and then buying loads more i buy my in between clothes on ebay and then sell them on again

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