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day 3 dont know how to feel

day 3

okai star week just started! but im not bloated or anything so i have a good feeling! though im in the awfulest mood ever! mums just done my head in and i dont want to go to work! we have no food in the house either properly so its guna be 1 boring day!


jaket potato with very low fat cottage cheese and meat free ravioli free foood !

tonight ill be having jaket potato and meat free ravioli also as we dont have variety food in the house and im too grumpy to cook lol

and healthy extra bar for snack!

i have a problem i am a night eater! its horrible out ov habbit from my eating disorder starving myself through day thn id be so hungry at night etc but iv been havin like free food or healthy extra but its something i could just do without im going to have to kick that one on the head!
(i am recovering so i dont starve and puke etc now i am having help and im overweight so doctors told me slimming world would be best to regular my food and loose gota kick the whole thing in the butt!)


did good workout today and my coller bones are peakin through haha!
did usial hour on bike with weights at intervals to get me going then i did loadsa weights then 10 mins speed on bike to end n i feel pumped :)

is it really important to eat all the healthy extras as i dont really understand them?
also syns?
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hi hunny..........
you should really use your healthy extras hun as this keeps your diet balanced. if you a night eater get some fruit to nibble on at night time. if there is something that you don't understand about SW shout up on here someone will help you that's what we all do we all give each other help and support
it works wonders!!!!!
love nannydi


rainbows holiday buddy :)
healthy extras are mostly high fibre and high calcium foods - both have been proven to help weight loss, so it's best to eat them!

...this is also the reason why you are now allowed 2 'a' choices instead of only 1! :D


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Regarding syns - its best to use them and then you dont feel like you are depriving yourself of things............ hence why it doesn't feel like a 'diet' in the conventional sense of the word xxx
thanks everyone :)


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no problem its a pleasure:)


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oops wrong thread dunno whats gone on there sorry
its ok lol

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