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Day 3 need help please guys


Crawling to the finish!
S: 12st12lb C: 12st6lb G: 9st7lb Loss: 0st6lb(3.33%)
Today Im just having a bad day on diet. feel like i dont wanna do this until christmas when i should be near goal but i know it will give me the best reults. say something to convince me....ive been considering trying atkins!!! no no no! whats to do with me. I havnt cheated and dont feel like cheating but when i think of the long run, its killing me. so many parties and birthdays im gonna miss!!:cry:
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the weeks are flying by so quickly before you no it it will be xmas. just take each week as it comes go for weigh in and there another week done! just think of the results at the end. when i look at the long run it makes me want to give up but i dont want to be fatty anymore. chin up and take each day as it come :)
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honestly it will get easier! i promise! after a while you'll get used to not thinking that you want to eat and see it as something that other people do and you dont. the parties are a bit of a social-killer, but just think of when you're a skinny-mini and you're going to all those parties at crimbo looking fab! stick with it, and if on your first WI, you dont feel FANTASTIC, pack it in, but i bet you wont....!


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STOP! Stop thinking so much! Stop thinking so far ahead! think today and this week only! You're doing great and you just need to keep going. Set short term goals. Your overall loss to get to goal isn't written in stone.....but /tfr is working for you NOW! You can review as time goes on. You will not find any other diet that you will lose as quick on. You will get used to getting around social events. Just make up your mind to stick to TFR till your weigh in and then commit to it just for the next week.

Hang in there babe.
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You've only just started so you may not be fully in ketosis. Once you are you will not feel hungry. And it is possible to go to parties, you drink bubbly water! And you have your bar or shake or soup just before you go and you say no to food that is offered to you. I can't say it isn't difficult but it helps if you go with someone who is supportive and then you can collect food and then give it to them. Likewise with cake. you can take a piece and then make your excuses and put it out of the way somewhere. It's not a waste of food, someone else is likely to have it and even if they don't the food was allocated to you and you decided to leave it.
I did a birthday party within days of me starting and was offered cake and champagne and I employed the above strategies. I have another to go to this weekend, and I will do it again.
I just figure that though I love my food, this is not forever. I also have my own birthday in 2 months and I already know I will not be having cake! I am not that worried as I hope with losing lots of weight I am going someway to ensure that I have many many more birthdays in the future. However, I could not miss Christmas. But I also do not want to undo all the good work, so it will not be the case that I eat every mince pie offered or eat large lumps of Chrimble cake. But I do want a roast on Chrimble day and if I manage to lose 4 stone in total by then, I think I will deserve it. It will be worth it, don't buckle now! =)
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dont think of it as a long hall take it each day at a time and when you get to your first weigh in you will be so pleased you wont believe it. the minute i thought about it long hall i wanted to quit!


Crawling to the finish!
S: 12st12lb C: 12st6lb G: 9st7lb Loss: 0st6lb(3.33%)
thank you everyone for your supprt. you are all totally right, im going to bookmark this post haha. i need a kick up the butt every once in a while, I think so mini goal are in order for me!! xx


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:whoopass: Will this do????


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once the 1st week is over you will find it so much easier and the weeks will fly by and you will probably surprise yourself how easy you find it to go to social events and stick to lt x


Crawling to the finish!
S: 12st12lb C: 12st6lb G: 9st7lb Loss: 0st6lb(3.33%)
haha that spank may have helped! thanks again everyone! im working out my new mini goals but cant post my bloody siggy yet!! xx
im day 2 yumymumy i been feeling a lot like you are today i have just found out that my works having a huge party in 5 weeks free booze free food the works gonna be party of the year aparently *sigh i have such a long way to go also so i hope we can work it through together you do it i do it we can both do ittttttttttttttttt ;)
will keep eye out for your first weigh in results mine will be next tuesday so fingers crossed for us both :D
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All I can say is I LOST 13lbs this week!!!
Now thats gotta make ya think hasnt it?
View the gallery hun they are such an inspiration & its taken most of them months not YEARS like it would with diets.
Stick with it hun, I know I was wobbling most of the week but honestly I now feel far better, I still want to eat but my head overpowers it & I just dont. I have sat in a coffee house, Mac Donalds, had melted choc on my hands off babies & yet nothing has passed my lips its a miracle but its as if LT has taken over my hands & they just dont reach my mouth anymore (maybe they have shrunk & thats where my 13lb went eh? lol)
Good luck with it hun
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Hang in there babe and you'll be a yummymummy in body as well as name!

I'm in my 20th week and have been to several barbeques, parties and night's out without cheating. It is my wedding anniversary in 3 weeks, my birthday in 4 and my OH's in 7 weeks but I have no intention of coming off LT for them. I can celebrate them without food and drink and a lot slimmer than I was 20 weeks ago! I can always make my OH a special meal or go out for a meal afterwards but it is not worth risking coming out of ketosis now. If I'm not at target by Christmas then I won't be coming off LT for then either - though hopefully I will be there by then. I'm in this for the longhaul, come rain or shine. The saying "Nothing tastes as good and being slim feels" is sooooooooo true!

You can do this, and will do it! Food is not the be all and end all, it is just to help us live. Enjoy your social occasions for the company.

Good luck hun.