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Day 3..........


I will conquer!!!
This is day 3 for me & I don't know if I can carry on! I'm sooooooo hungry & just want to gorge food :cry: :cry:I've got 10 stones to loose & have never been to this extreme to loose weight EVER!!!! I so much want to carry on because I HATE being morbidly obese ( I've got 10 stones to loose!! :eek: ) but I don't think I've got the strength. I've been drinking the right amounts of water & having the 3 shakes a day but this is murder!! :help2:
Jackie xx
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PLEEEEEEASE hang on in there!!! I absolutely promise and guarantee that in a couple more days you won't feel that desperate hunger any more. You may get a bit hungry when a shake is due but nothing like you're feeling now. Have you tried sparkling water or soda water? Sometimes the bubbles can fill you up a bit more.

It's sooooo worth it .. please don't give up! xx
Stick with it hun. I know its difficult but it does get better i promise. I also have about 10 stone to shift and hate being morbidly obese so keep that in mind and youll get there.
hi squndles. please hang in there. trust me, if i can do it anyone can. i am a properly greedy gluttony woman and although i have done it for 3 weeks now, tnrw is my 3rd weigh in and can you believe am still here. please take each day as it comes as in day by day. it will be well. Believe me!! Go girl, you can do it!!:cool:
Yay! Well done squindles - I feel your pain, day 2 for me.


Hang in there - after day 5 is when I started to lose the hunger feeling and the general crappy feeling all round. It is soooooo worth it. I have yo-yoed for years and this is the first time I've stuck to something. I loooooovvve food so if I can stick to it anybody can. Keep it in perspective. Aim for the week 1 weigh-in and see how you feel after a big loss. Just go week by week. GOOD LUCK!!!!
I just wanted to echo what Mary said. You are going through the very hardest part right now but when you get through it you will have such a high on your first weigh-in! I had 8 stone to lose when I started so I know how desperate you must be feeling. I promise you it gets much, much easier, babe, so please hang in there.
ok Jackie... you need to hang in there.... im on day 54 and it has absolutely flown by... i promise.... look if you need to lose 10 stone then you just have to draw on your inner feelings and remember why you started this in the first place.... i was 16st 11lbs starting and already in seven weeks im 2 and a half stone down..... i started a size 18-20 and today im in very loose 18 jeans and a size 16 top..... the difference is just amazing.... when i started i had a foot problem and could barely walk with the excess weight.... now im just in from a 40 min walk and did one last night... my back pain is gone... my frame of mind is POSITIVE.... i feel like ive just rejoined life..... im not miserable and full of negative thoughts any more.... my private life has improved coz i feel more confident about my body.... i walk into clothes shops now with my head held high...... and this is only in the space of 7 weeks???????? please hang in there.... we are carrying too much weight at a young age and i dont know about you but life is for the living and before you know it you will have the weight gone... the time is gonna pass anyway, so just get into the right frame of mind and you will succeed..... good luck and i promise it does get so much easier.... xxx:wave_cry:
Come on squindles we CAN do this,:hug99: distract yourself,imagine yourself 10 stone lighter or after your first weigh in.Try to imagine how you will feel when it is a good loss.
With you all the way x
Keep posting Jackie and reading other peoples threads - you'd be amazed how motivating it can be.

You thread has really helped me...I am on day 2 and struggling, but with all the supportive comments especially from lelunda I am really encouraged and motivated. Bring on our 1st weigh in...I can't wait for the results!!!

Lots of love and hugs

I am on day 5.....and 100% LT. Drinking lots of water and black coffee. can't wait for my 1st weigh in....on Tues.
I am finding hard but getting easier day by day! but got food on my mind all the time. Cooking for my children is hard.. but i will get there. I have lost 3stone but moved on to the Full plan now......
Hey Hun I'm on day 2 it's Been up and down but I've been 100% occupy yourself and make sure you finsh the task cleaning helps de clutter something!! Go girl go!!


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Keep going Jackie, dont give up.. ur doing fab so far!! you say you are drinking the right amounts of water.. try drinking a little more... have water before you have your shake to make you feel more full.

I have black coffee when I get really hungry and I find that it really helps.

If you are still finding it tough.. go to where u are doing the lipotrim through and have an extra weigh in or a chat with your advisor.

The hunger will disappear, and it will be soooooo worth it when you see the pounds starting to fall off :)
Please don't give in!!! I PROMISE that feeling will pass in just another couple of days. Keep yourself busy. I also took a couple of naps so i didnt have to think about it. Stick in there!!!!!!!
You've done really well to stick it, the first week is the worst. I did it last year, lost 4stone, and am redoing it now, i've put on about half that..and want to nip it in the bud!! The first week is awful, while you're switching to the fat burning from the carbs, but I promise promise it DOES get better, it really does. it's so worth it. Hang in there :)

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