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Day 4 and feeling down

Hey guys...

Just feeling a bit down today. Not hungry particularly...just shattered. Just want to stay in bed all day. I can't physically drink more water without becoming a fish and I just have NO energy. :(

I know it will get better...but right now it feels miserable. Added to that I had a dream last night where I was pinching food from the kitchen and bingeing when nobody was around. Talk about projection! Has anyone else has 'food dreams'?!

I'm still determined to get there...I just feel achey, tired and generally awful today.

Any tips/motivation would be HUGELY welcome. Even the first weigh in seems a million years away right now :(

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Food dreams seem quite common. I 've had them before but not this time. I had them bad when I did Atkins years back -I used to dream I'd ate carbs and wake up in a cold sweat! LOL

It's just a bad day you're having babes, and there could be more to come, develop ways to deal with it, take it as easy as possible, sleep when you can, have coffee or tea. A hot pampering bath, shave the legs, do your hair and make up. Look at skinny clothes -do ANYTHING to get you to that first WI cus when you see the results you'll have all the motivation you need.
OH! Stick on a DVD! That'll be your mind occupied for a couple of hours!

Sorry you feel wick woman, it will pass though, trust me. :D
DVD is a good shout, also you've done right by coming on here!

do some internet shopping - but dont buy! just get ideas about all the lovely things you can have when you're at goal.

get in the bath (god more water!) and pamper yourself. get cosy and warm and it'll make you feel better xxx
if you are at home - stick in a dvd or watch loose women or anything - look through your clothes and imagine how different they will be when you get to your goal!!!! failing that - keep surfing the net and get on facebook or something - anything to keep you out of the kitchen xxx i felt like that earlier this week - im only on day 5 but for some reason im on cloud 9 today so i think its swings and roundabouts.

good luck xx


Otherwise known as Jools
Hang in there babes - just think that you are more than half way towards your first weigh in. You have come this far and its not that far off now. :D :D
Get out, go for a lovely long walk - do you have a wood or river near you? Fresh air always clears the head and takes you totally out of temptations way. Sometimes been indoors too much can get you down. Farmers daughter here so I always pump for good old fashioned fresh air to blow away the cobwebs!!
thanks for the support and advice guys- I really don't think I would be getting through today without this forum... it would be sooooooooo easy to go on a total carb binge...but knowing I have the support of you guys is making all the difference!



I will be skinny again!!!
Yup I used to dream about licking all the cream out of cream cakes etc lol!!!

Hope you feel better soon xxxx

It WILL get better x I have the odd day still here and there when I feel like it, Just take it easy x

Like the others have said, Go on a virtual shopping spree online of all the things you`ll buy when you real your goal. Have a nice bubble bath and read a book, watch a film etc x

Hope u feel better soon Xxxxxxx


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I'm on day seven, and Ill I can think about is eating a quarter pounder with cheese meal (Large!) and a box of 20 nuggets with sweet & sour sauce (followed by a sneaky cheese burger) *Drools Homer style*


Loves the jobs you hate!
I'm on day seven, and Ill I can think about is eating a quarter pounder with cheese meal (Large!) and a box of 20 nuggets with sweet & sour sauce (followed by a sneaky cheese burger) *Drools Homer style*

Sorry, that probably hasnt helped anyone. But I feel great, because in my mind, Im tucking in right now! Nugget anyone?!
(Now theres a joke I could make about my recent toilet trips, but I wont spoil my invisible meal..:D)
Aww so sorry hun that your feeling down, have yourself a pamper night with a hot bath.......
i tend to get down days i just go to bed easrly to get the day over quicker and sure enough i wake up feeling a lot better..
hope tomorrows a better day xxxx
Aww *hugs* DT. I was the same, I could have slept the clock round and just did what my body told me to do - sleep.

Keep thinking of the light on the horizon, this will pass and you'll feel on top of the world. You'll weigh in will be here in no time at all and next thing you know you'll be a few weeks down the line a few stone lighter, loving LT so much and today's suffering will be a distant memory and so worth it.
Thanks gang!!!

And Emma- mmmmm big mac meal (large obviously!!!) would be ideal right now!!!


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