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Day 4 and very very ill. Advice please?


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Hi all. Sorry if TMI but i've been up pretty much ALL night with diarrhoea. It's been coming out of me like water. Took an immodium at 2am which eventually solved the problem but I feel really really sick as well.

Is this a part of the CD? If so i'm not sure it's healthy to be following a diet that makes you this ill! If it isn't and it's more likely a bug, should I be starving myself while ill?

If I could crawl into bed and ward it off that way still just taking my 3 sachets I would, but I have a 9 month old baby to look after and need some energy... atm I feel like i'm on the verge of collapsing.

Can anyone advise? :(
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I'm not a CDC, but maybe the packs are too rich for you, have you tried spliting them into 6 smaller meals and using a little more water to thin them down.

Probably not much help.

Hope you feel better soon
Last year I am sure I heard a few people had diarhoea (this came out wrong I didnt mean CD had caused diarhoe, just that there was a thread about it!)... But before you stop the CD, I'm sure this isn't part of CD!!!
It could be a mix of things though...
Could be some sort of intolerance ...?
Could be the amount of pure nutrition you body might just not be used to?
How much water are you drinking, make sure you are not drinking too much water!
It could be a stomach bug as there are planty about right now!
I too am not a CDC and am sure one will come along and advise, but I do hope you feel better soon!


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How much water are you drinking? I have found that if I drink too much too quickly that is what happens to me. Also, choc mint shake gives me the runs.
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Urm, im pretty much sure it can't be the diet... for most people it's the other way round and they can't get anything out!!


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I think it sounds like a bug... in all the months on minis, have never heard of anything like this being a side effect of CD. Bugs etc still hit you when on CD - I had a REALLY nasty flu back in Jan. I stayed on CD though - I felt so low I knew food wouldn't have solved anything! And at least I knew I was getting all my nutrients. I know when my kids were small bugs were a regular occurrence... if you are feeling sick & have the runs, I'd say food is NOT a good idea, it won't stay down anyway. Lots of liquids are best and when your tummy settles, try a shake - if that stays down, you are on the mend. If it persists from more than a day or two, see your GP & get some medical advice. Hope you feel better soon, honey.



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My CDC told me that a small number of people can experience diarrhea and nausea in the first week as the sudden influx of nutrients and water can be a shock to the system. Taking six half shakes during the day will help your body adjust more easily to the changes. As others have said though, you could also have a stomach bug. Try to keep you fluid levels up as it is easy to get dehydrated when you're ill and then try a shake when you're tummy feels a little more settled.

If it persists though, it could be a sign of lactose intolerance.

Hope that helps, and hope you feel better soon x
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Actually my second day on CD I always used to have the runs. I think it was the Tetras, I was drinking them and then drinking some extra water.

Drinking a sip of water and then a sip of tetra solved this, until I just added 200ml water into a cup and added the tetra to make a luxury hot chocolate.

It was my body adjusting to the vit and mineral concentration and did clear up after that day.

Saying that there is a lot of virii going about at the moment, husband had been pebble dashing the walls for the past 3 days
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I had this for the first 3 days on the diet, after that everything settled down okay, but I did spend tons of time on the toilet, unfortunately now things have turned the other way... a nice happy middle line would be good.


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Thanks everyone for your replies.

Pretty sure now it's a bug as OH seems to have got it too. Felt truly awful so took a day off the diet. Not ideal but it's made me feel better and being functional enough to look after the baby is more important I think... Had some toast, and some chicken and rice at tea time.

I've slept on and off through the day when the little one has and feel much better now. Will get back on the diet tomorrow and hopefully still have some loss by my weigh in on monday :)


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Hope you're feeling better soon honey. Big hugs.

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