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Day 4 had a sneaky peak

Just don't give up on day 2 I was so close to givin in and havin something to eat!! But now iv seen it's really workin i really want to stick at it!! And not feelin like I need food today!! :) if u ever feel like ur struggling just come on here that really helps me or distract ur self my having a nice hot bubble bath or something!! Now by target weight of 10 1/2 stone seem possible :) good luck you can do it :) x x


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wow ha i'm on day 3 and finding it hard any tips

The first week on Lipotrim diet is often the hardest, but once you get your first weigh in and see how much weight you have lost, the subsequent weeks on lipotrim will be much easier, and then it becomes so easy that you do not even think of food.
I am on Day 12 of LT diet, things are coming together, as I shed weight my movtivation to continue increases. Keep at it, it will get better, trust me!:D
im on day 4 and felt dreadfull b4.but not so bad now.i'm not not realy sure how to use this forum tad complicated for me .sorry! aarrggh friday nite not the best night of the week.whhhhyyy is food such a big part of my every day thoughts, it controls me and alters my moods.i need this to work.(just having a little argument with myself)
Haha I know its amazing how much u think of food!!!! Yea weekends are especially hard because u loose ur social life abit :( I'm sure u can do it it's nice comin on here as everyone is goin through the same thing!! X


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i'm not not realy sure how to use this forum tad complicated for me .sorry!
I didn't find the forum easy when I first joined the site a few weeks ago. I just messed around with it at the weekend, read FAQ and explored some links Mini had provided. I am feeling at home now, you will soon get used it.
When you are feeling down or have doubts just visit the forum and seek encouragement, it all helps. Good luck, trust me things do get better after the first few weeks, it just becomes way of life.
Weekend are bit difficult but with strong will power you will get to your goal:D
well done for 9lbs so far ellie, that's brilliant!
i'm on day 23 now and believe me it gets so much easier. i'm 16.5lbs down in 3 weeks and really feel confident that i can keep this up for another 2 months to reach my goal.

good luck to all of you, and definitely try and come on here if you start feeling down or are finding it tough.. there's always someone about to give you a little pick-you-up and help you out.

happy slimming guys x

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