Day 4 on SS.... Please Help


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Sounds like you are doing just fine, maybe worth getting some ketostix just to check for ketosis to make sure you are cookin' fat.



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Hi Lalitak

No need to panic, as long as you stick to the plan, and drink your water you will lose weight. Remember your weight fluctuates daily and it's much more advisable not to keep getting on your scales at home and wait until your official WI with your CDC. I know it's not easy but you'll end up getting yourself worried over nothing and that's when people sometimes get fed up and eat something.

The low calorie content on this diet means you have to lose weight plus in week one your glycogen store is emptied, with it's water which results in a good first WI. Don't despair, hang on until your WI and I'm sure you'll have a lovely surprise.


thanks for the reply, its 4th day.... ans are there any previous experiences that any one on 4th day of ss has not came in ketosis process .............


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Hiya lalitak,

You're doing really well, the first week seems to be the hardest! I was in ketosis by day 4 but I still felt tired, headachy and grouchy.. I think your body is just adjusting so hang in there! I'm on day 11 now and I feel great.


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Hi, I am on day 4 too, and not yet in ketosis. I know it takes me about a week from previous tries.

Keep going, you'll get there in the end!


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Hun dont worry about no weight loss when u get weighed you will be so happy with your loss, its better to not weigh yourself mid week and just to weigh once a week.
Some people take longer to get into ketosis for a few reasons, so as long as you are following the plan 100% you have nothing 2 worry about.
Take care and looking forward to reading about your weight loss in a couple of days xx


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If I were you I would hide the scales for a few weeks.

I am a serial weigher - when things are going with me I find it really motivating - however there have been periods when things have been so slow (or not moving at all). I got some good advice here and was told to chuck out the scales. I did id them and just focussed on not eating. You will lose in the end.


Hello, thanks to all... but in SS can we do excercise and what will be the impact on weight...... weight will drop quicker than only being on SS


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u should only do very gentle exercise in the early days, if any exercise at all.

im sure u will have a good result on your proper weigh in day.