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day 4 ouchhhhhhh

aww you poor soul, just try and up your fruit and veg intake and drink plenty of water even if you are not that thirsty,other than that id take some more of the durlax.
ach no thats a shame, its not nice being constipated, hope it passes soon for you.
I had the same problem on week 1 honey - it's no' nice!

I remedied it with Dulcolax Perles (on advice of another member), it got things 'moving' the very next day - and what a relief!

Been ok since then, but maybe worth trying that?

thanks girlz, i will try, i asked my mum in a state of panic, because there was also a bit of blood (sorry tmi) mum said to have smoothies but im not going to ruin my diet and drink all the carbs so i will try the perles theres also some disolvable fibre supliments dunnno if thats any good? im just not really hungry the shakes seem to be enough, and im the type of person that would eat and eat through the day but now i just have no apetite
Hi - as said before, really try to up your veg/fruit/salad intake and maybe your fluids. I've not suffered it yet but I did on LL at the start and can toally sypmathise with you, it's sheer hell! I've been eating more veg and fruit than I've ever done and have stayed "regular" so far and I think it's the fibre I'm eating, plus water. Good luck hun and hope if passes real soon. x