Day 4 - why do people have to ! !


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Day 4, did not feel that hungry at all till...... One woman at work she been like this since yesterday morning

'ooohhhhh big bowl of sugarpuffs, I love em, yum' then this afternoon 'shall we all go to the pub tomorrow for dinner' ggggrrrrrrrr does she like winding me up, or is she on a flipping mission to stop me doing it........ Just cause she is short and FAT (sorry)

Feel down today keep thinking is it worth it, shall I give up and join the gym or think shall I try to stick it for 4 weeks and if I can lose 2stone join the gym and lose the last 1-1 and 1/2 stone like that.... I have not idea........... and now it's even in my head if I only have 2 packs a day will I lose it quicker.....
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yummy mummy

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no defo not you have to have all your packs for the miniral content they keep you healthy and well. i missed one at the begining of the week and i felt really ill and sick my belly even woke me up growling at me. you will be fine just ignore them at work am sure your stong enough to do it x x


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Sounds like she may be jealous that you are doing something about your weight......Dont let her sabotage your good work.
Just imagine her face when you slink into work in your smaller sized clothes, then see how smug she is...!


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Time goes so quick now so sacrificing a few short months out of our lives to achieve a slimmer healthier bod must be worth it, but what makes it even more worth it will be seeing the faces of people like ur work colleague when you float into work wearing what she wishes she could wear.... keep that image in ur head and i'm sure you'll get through this. Good luck. xx


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Everyones right. Just grit your teeth, put your head down and stick with it. When you are looking fab and gorgeous at work you may even find she will ask you about the diet and how she could get started.
You are doing this for you and the time will fly by.

Good luck

Jazzy x