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Day 5...am i hungry or just craving?

Hi all...well I don't think I feel quite as hungry as I have been but still def an empty feeling rattling around in my abdominal cavity! I find myself suddenly thinking about a bad food but get past it by replacing the image of me in cossie on hols this yr! I just really thought I wouldn't b suffering so much in this way due to everyone (inc hubby!) sayin u don't feel hungry after first few days!

Could I maybe just b craving as opppsed to actually hungry? Just as u can on a "normal diet"?!

I've also deliberately been pretty inactive since day 1 to minimise dizziness/headaches which has worked but wonder if lack of being out n about has allowed my mind to crave more?

Finding it harder than I thought I wud on day 5....

H x
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I'm afraid that you get days like this at any point in the diet. I don't know if you can call them cravings or hunger or even boredom........they just happen and sometimes go just as quickly. Try and write a diary, or keep a blog (not as many people read them so you get to keep your feelings more to yourself) so that you can write down how you feel at any particular time. It's handy to be able to reference it in the future, you might spot a pattern, ie the aforementioned boredom!

Good luck, stay focused......particularly on that cossie:D


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Hi hjc, I'm on day 6. The feelings pass I noticed. Stay strong; weigh in for you in 2 days time!
Keep at it. Only two days until weigh in then it will all have been worth it.
I cud keep at it if I was 100% sure i'd b in the better stages of ketosis, just not what I expected still on Day 5?! Weigh in day isn't much inspiration cos weighing every day anyway and altho I'm thrilled with weight loss, I'm very UNthrilled that I'm still feeling so hungry....everything I've read and been told says I shud be in ketosis by now and that when i am I wont feel so hungry and have more energy and it was this that kept me going...I cudnt do 10wks feeling like this? Have I still got time for there to be improvement? Gonna keep goin for at least a wk and try hard for 2 but if still feel like this by then I'm not sure....really didnt bank on feeling so hungry for this long....please someone tell me this still has time to pass!!x
It took me a couple of weeks before I finally settled down and stopped feeling hungry. Although I never really feel hungry I do have a craving sometimes which is usually brought on by smell. My OH brings in fish and chips and the smell of it with the vinegar just kills me. I know that if ate some I would be gutted so I wouldn't but it does bring a hard moment along to deal with.

I hope you find over the next few days it all starts to get a bit easier.



Love God; Love People
Hjc, it is hard but it will get better. I think the process varies from one person to the next, i.e how many days it takes to begin to feel really comfortable but it will happen. I'm on day 7 and I felt pretty hungry this afternoon and after my shake thought about having another one!
And yep, we do have to tear ourselves away from the smells and sights of food all around us, dealing with that head on.
It's not easy but it is worth it.

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