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day 5 and not even a slightly pink reading!!!


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Argh! Just restarted CD on Sunday and still not in Ketosis! I don't no what i'm doing wrong, i'm drinking more than enough water and even went to the gym last night. My OH went into ketosis on Tuesday, and we had been eating the same things onthe lead up!

Does this mean i'm not going to have a good first week loss?

Also I have been having a swig of Sainsbury's minty mouthwash every night, but throughly rinsing my mouth after, could it be that maybe?

I remember the last ime I did CD it always told me a wee bit longer that OH but this is rediculous and mouthwash never affected me before!

Also it is so hard this time around- ten times harder that last time, but gonna stick with it cause I have 2 stone to get off for Xmas!!!

Sorry, had to vent......
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Not sure why that is was it the first wee of the day as if its after the first wee then that sometimes doesn't register pink if you get what I mean lol.


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you dont swallow the mouthwash do you so that wont be causing it....
and to be honest, i never really showed up as pink of those sticks....and yet i lost 6st 7 in 5 months so i wouldnt take that as the be all and the end all.
As long as your doing it 100%, then you will lose hun!
Keep up the good work and fingers crossed that it gets a little easier for you



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I never showed pink on the sticks either. It wont make any difference to your weight loss. Hang in there.
Dont focus on what the stick says, its not ketosis that makes you loose it just helps with cravings as you tend not to feel hungry, its the drastic reduction of cals that will shift the pounds! every time I "restarted" it was so much harder, stick with it, you'll soon see results!
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Yea re-start is a Bit**h!

I'm in day two of mine and I am having a little wobble. Gonna stick to it though.

At the begining I don's ever show up as in Ketosis consistantly until day 5, but I know I'm in it from day 3. Don't worry. In a day or so you will be showing up pink all over the place!


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Throw the sticks away !!!! You will be losing big time i can be pink one day and beige the next even at 100%. I find the more water i drink the lighter the reading which is good because it means you body is hydrated properly. A really dark reading means dehydration = less weight loss. Stick at it you are doing really well. I think you will have hit goal way before xmas and will be on maintenance before you know it.

Good Luck x


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S: 16st5lb C: 16st1lb G: 14st0lb Loss: 0st4lb(1.75%)
Hey thanks for the replies, fell of the wagon on Saturday so back to the start again! Lost 8lb first week, hope I haven't put it all back on! Must go to gym lots this week!

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