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Step2 810kcal Day 5 & Feeling Positive!

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by KaraAlicia, 6 July 2014 Social URL.

  1. KaraAlicia

    KaraAlicia Feeling Positive

    I've never had good willpower, most often then not I'm one those people to quit when it got too hard and make the false promises/excuses 'This cake wont matter, I'll start again tomorrow' or 'Its my treat for losing weight' but I never did and that treat would be LOTS of treat days one after the other...result 'welcome another 14lbs, don't worry i can fit you in somewhere'

    Well here I am day 5 and despite a few wobbles in first few days I got over myself and have followed plan and now drinking 3ltrs+ of water, makes a massive change from 12 cans of pop a day & daily takeaways :jelous:

    Is it just me who now find their old much loved food repulsive? Used to love bread and Chinese but now smell makes me feel a little bluergh :-S

    Bought myself a Wii-Fit with the Zumba game and hope to start on Monday when it arrives, now the worst is over I can not wait to continue on & excited about making plans :D

    So looking forward to enjoying my new future healthier and more positive!!!
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  3. juliebags

    juliebags Well-Known Member

    Good luck. !!!!! Sounds like you have a good positive attitude ,,, and thats what it takes for this diet , sometimes we have to dig deep for willpower , but when we do its very empowering at the same same knowing we are for once in control !!!! You can do it !! X
  4. wannabesize12

    wannabesize12 Well-Known Member

    Positive attitude I think is really important! Keep going girls.

    2nd Week for me and I'll be honest this week is harder than last. Will hang in there. Cant wait for Tuesday - weigh in number 2
  5. KaraAlicia

    KaraAlicia Feeling Positive

    Weighed in today and had a 7lbs loss :D :D
  6. juliebags

    juliebags Well-Known Member

    Well done thats brilliant if i have that loss thie week i'll be over the moon weigh in for me will be sunday !,,,,, i will try and not get on the scales again untill then !!
  7. KaraAlicia

    KaraAlicia Feeling Positive

    wishing lots of luck and sending some weight loss dust your way!!! :D xx
  8. juliebags

    juliebags Well-Known Member

    Hey thanks !!!! MUST NOT GET ON THE SCALES!!!! It would be a dream to see the next stone bracket
    Positive vibes everyone , hommmmmmmmm!!!!
  9. wannabesize12

    wannabesize12 Well-Known Member

    Well Done!! Excellent lose
  10. KaraAlicia

    KaraAlicia Feeling Positive

    Thanks :) xx

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