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day 5 + question about refeeding to eat for 1 day LOL


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argg my internet isnt up and running in my new house yet so i havent been able to get on here when its been tough! im on day 5 now and im actually ok now. day 3 was the hardest, i even cheated a little n ate a bite of chicken lol! but ive lost 7lbs upto now (according to my wii fit)!
i cant drink the water though! ive only been drinking about 500mls a day. i even added a small amount of sugar free juice to it to take the taste away lol but the weight is still coming off so cant be doing that much harm! im already noticeing it in my clothes and my face! i really want to carry on!

Q- On 6th of may its my partners birthday and im going to do a barbecue and want to be able to have a bit to eat myself, do i need to do the refeed the week before and then just start again the day after his birthday? or even if i do the refeed will i gain all the weight ive lost back?

thanks jenny:D
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WOW! Where do I start??? OK......

Bold you for sneaking a bite of chicken!!!

But seriously silly, bold you for only drinking 500mls of water. Hun that is NOT good. You NEED the water. Are you drinking tea and coffee and if so how many cups a day? You must be seriously dehydrated! Your body won't sustain that! A minimum of 4 pints a day.

Also putting the fruit juice in the water may knock you out of ketosis. Citric acid will do that.

For the hubbies birthday these are your options....
1) Don't eat
2) Eat only protein and green salad and nothing else and you will stay in ketosis
3) Refeed for a week and then eat normally.

The weight will not ALL pile back on but if you don't refeed correctly then you will put some weight back on. Also you would still have to eat in moderation.

Well done on getting this far.


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I agree with what Sara says, those are your 3 options, the only thing I would add is that if you are going to be drinking alcohol on the BBQ night, then I strongly advise you to do the weeks re-feed but if its only for the meal, then just stick to chicken and salad on the night and you will be fine.

You really need to find a way to up your water intake, you dont want to be de-hydrated. Try keeping a bottle with you always and just keep sipping, its surprising how quickly it goes.


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You need to get the water into your system that food normally would provide. Have a sports bottle with you at all times. when you're sitting down have a pint glass of water beside you and sip it regularly. You need your water.
I agree with the advice given, if its only for the meal & no alcohol is being drunk, then stick to protein & salad/veg. If you're going to drink, then you need to refeed for a week- it could put you in hospital if you don't! (Read the sticky on drinking!)


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Thanks, Icemoose, that was extremely informative! Thank God I prefer water to any other drink on the planet!! Glug....glug....glug !!


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You have failed at the first hurdle by picking - this diet isnt easy for some but remember it is a total food replacement, but nevermind, keep going. But still;

1. are you really that determined with this diet?

2. do you really need to eat at your partners birthday?
- surely he would understand.
- you are doing this diet for you and so you can get slim and healthy but taking odd days out is not good. Seriously think about it.

3. 500mls of water???? You need atleast 2litres a day. Get it down you.
- fruit juice, sugar free or not is a complete no no. Water is the best thing for you - keeps you hydrated and is good for your body. :copon:

4. sorry if this is harsh but clearly it needs saying.

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