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Day 5

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Hey guys!!

I'm on day 5 of the Lipotrim diet. I must say, & excuse the phrase, but I'm finding it a piece of cake!!!

I will admit that day two was very strange.. I wasn't hungry, just tired & I had a reeeeeeally bad headache ALL day. I survived this & now I'm full of energy.

I've not been hungry at all, it doesn't bother me when I see others eating or if I smell food. My jaw ached a bit from lack of chewing but I did a few exercises & this seemed to go. The shakes aren't as good as McDonald's but they aren't bad.

The only problem I've had is other peoples negative reactions to what I'm doing. I find I'm having to answer the same questions over & over again & feel like I'm having to justify a dirty habbit!! (And yes it's normally skinny minnie's who tell me I shouldn't 'stop eating' - hmmmm)

I have my first weigh in on Thursday & I'm so excited to see how much I've lost! Will keep you posted!

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Slowly but surely!
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Im so glad to hear it gets easier, im on day 2 and finding it hard at the moment but then thats probably because i just cooked the kids pizza lol Im going to stick to it though :) Good luck for your weigh in!


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hey honey!
I was exactly the same as you! and i am on week 6 now and today has been my first day of actually wanting food - but it has passed now - thanks to the heaps of water i am drinking!

Good luck for your weigh in be sure to let us all know!! :D
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well done keep it up


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Well done FBB, I'm on day 2 (second time round for me), last year I found it a piece of cake, but this time I've found it harder, blinding headache today, but it's gone now phew. I'm sat here with my chicken soup, and to be honest I don't feel hungry, but I will force it down. I'm sure I'm going into ketosis as we speak, anyway I'm chuffed that you're finding it easy (as I did last year) and you sail through with no probs. I personally think this is the best diet in the world. Best of luck xx


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Good luck for your first weigh in. I know what you mean about the negative attitudes from people. Even when I don't want to tell people the diet because of the reactions you get they seem to drag it out of you asking you how you are losing the weight and then when you tell them they say oh thats not healthy and when you finish you will put it all back on. Anyway you will get used to that ,people tend to think they are the experts on it all.:eek:


Here we go again!
I was the same as you, found the first week easy too. I am still fine on it just sometimes find food calling me with their lovely smells!

Negative comments are something you will have to get used to and fight off. If you don't understand the diet you will think it is crazy but cos most people don't understand it they are ignorant about it.

Good luck with your wi, you will do fine. Keep up the good work too.


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It's great isn't it? Keep up the good work! Good Luck xx
hey im also on day 5 (second time around ) im finding it easy as well today full of energy so lots of housework done lol
let me know how you get on at your weigh in mine is tommorrow as couldnt get appointment for thursday