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Day 6 and my first minor achievement


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Hi all

Well I'm glad to be waking up on day 6 feeling refreshed after a great night's sleep. I've noticed my sleeping has really changed on this plan, anyone else notice that?

Anyway, last night something bad happened and I must confess that for a fleeting second my thoughts were focused on a huge bar of dairy milk chocolate to get me through. "For a fleeting second" though, because actually, although my tummy was growling a little (even though I didn't *feel* hungry) I really didn't want that chocolate. It was still relatively early, around 8 or 9pm I think but I just retreated to the kitchen, made my choccie shake and then went to bed to read. I can't tell you all how relieved I am today that I didn't give in. If there had been chocolate in the house maybe I would have found that temptation a little harder to resist, but knowing there were no *goodies* at home it didn't last.

Phew! So, day 6 and a sneaky weigh in shows another half pound off! Starting to worry though that I've not been to the loo this entire time (sorry if TMI). Took my prescribed laxative last night but no effect yet, although I have to admit they are very gentle. Gonna make sure I drink all my water these next few days. I think I've been averaging around 2L these last couple of days but last thing I want is to be bunged up at WI and not get every well deserved ounce off on the scales hehe

Here's to Day 6 though, still going strong! Hope all you fellow LT'ers are having good days too!
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Cookeh...well done lovey! There are girls on here who've done really well...when I've asked for tips they always say "Drink lots of water" I only had 2.5 litres yesterday, myself, today I'm having 3 at least...it seems to do the trick!

Yay!!! We can do it!
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Yeah hun. Im surprised constipation hit you already if it has i wud definitely get some peppermint tea into you and maybe try psyllium husks get them in a health shop! Well done on the chocolate hun you are being very positive already which is a great sign i really tink you are goin to do great on this diet.


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wahey! :banana dancer: well done on resisting! What an achievement in your first week :D

Re the laxatives - ducolax are the best :D Only take one though as they are quite strong and cuz were not really 'eating' anything then one should be more than enough :)

Good luck for your weigh in tomorrow although do try and stay off the scales in the week mrs! lol xxx
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Well done on resisting temptation not long till your firts weigh in now. i would definately recommend dulcolax as tanya mentioned!! they work really well and if ya don't wanna be bunged up for weigh in these will defo do the trick!!:)


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Well done on resisting temptation,

Im looking forward to seeing your 1st week weigh in, good luck


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