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day 6 and so miserable

Hi temmytango! I just wanted to say you've done amazing to get to day 6! You can do this! Just remember to take each day as it comes and once you see the changes in your body and you have your weigh in it will really spur you on. If you need support you've come to the right place - everyone on here is so lovely and we all try to help in any way we can. Keep going and try to ignore all the food - sounds really silly and hard but try and do something else to take your mind off of it all. I really hope you get on ok with the rest of your day and I look forward to hearing how you get on.

Keep positive :)

tc X


serial poster
Hi all. Am om day 6 of. LT and am feeling soOOooo miserable. I drive trains and since morning I av been seeing my passengers eating all sorts. D smell is tormenting and making me hungry. Am on break now n finding it difficult to cope. HELP ME PLS
from your ticker looks like your almost half way there..so stick with it, wont be long til youve reached your goal and imagine how pleased your going to feel with yourself :)



Sensibly losing :)
Hang on in there and focus on your WI day which should be tmw perhaps on day 7??? Do ANYTHING to get you through and ignore the smells and food..! not easy but it does get easier as the time goes on :) There is no magic answer sadly, just gotta knuckle down and distract your brain for a while.. dont cave, stay tough! :)
thank you all. i am trying . i think it is really hard because on day 3 i had rice while cooking for my hubby. tasting led to eating a proper meal.thank yoy guys. what can i do without my amazing buddies
by the way harriet2. i am not half way there. i set up the ticker without really thinking, just wanted to see if it could set up.as you know a bmi of over 25 is unhealthy. i will just like to wear a size 16 because i am quite tall for a lady. very near 6 feet and my wanting to lose weight arose fron nhs asking me to in order to have a fertility treatment. i have also recently been diagnosed as type 2.wish i could set the ticker and my info up properly.


hiya! yep trying to get into my size 16's myself! Hang in you're doin brill and the hardest days are behind you... try and remember the reasons for starting this! Tomorrow is my week 5 weigh-in and it was only like yesterday when i started this... once you get past week 1 the rest just flies... promise!! take care and chin up!

Cham Pers

size 8 by July
Temmy my OH drives trains! :) u must find that so hard taking a break and not having any dinner! Well done you chick x

Cham Pers

size 8 by July
My OH swapped all his earlies for lates coz of IBS and shifts really buggered his bowels up. Plus hes much happier on late shifts. Hes tall and skinny and eats everything he wants. :not fair! Ur doing really well u just gotta watch that lipotrim brain shrink where u concentration can lapse a little. I expect ur always on high alert tho when ur at work, as to avoid any spads :)
oh my Godf cham pers. you know so much bout the jod. dont you?a SPAD is every drivers worst nightmare as it spells the beginning of the end in a career. touch wood we never het one because i am thinking of a managerial post this year.

Cham Pers

size 8 by July
What network do you sign for? My OH is first great western! Good luck in going for the managers post i always think they have too many men working there, they need more female input! :)

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