LDWL's Exante Diary

Hi all, first time here. Never really had an issue with my weight in the past but went from being probably the slimmest I'd ever been in 2019 to a fair bit creeping on over lockdown(s) leading me to be the biggest I'd ever been!! So on advice from others tried Exante, just a quick easy short term fix to get back to how I was before and get back in the healthy BMI range.

I'm on Total Solution but am not doing an evening meal - I know that's not the guidelines, strictly speaking, but I just want to get all this off as quick as I can and get back to normal. I'm also drinking 4l of water a day and trying to walk about 7km a day. Must say I'm really impressed with the results so far, been on since Monday and I've lost 10.5lbs! Goal is to get down to about 180/185lbs, hoping to do that in about 10 weeks or so, perhaps a little longer. Really just going with the flow and seeing what happens :) So without further ado here is my diary:

DAY 1: 226lbs (starting weight)
DAY 2: 224lbs (-4lbs)
DAY 3: 220.5lbs (-3.5lbs)
DAY 4: 219lbs (-1.5lbs)
DAY 5: 217.25lbs (-1.75lbs)
DAY 6 (today): 215.5 (-1.75lbs)

Can already feel clothes are a bit looser on me which is brilliant. Going into ketosis isn't too bad but finding I'm massively craving salty, carb-y food at night. I'm holding out though as I find if I'm just strict with myself the craving eventually goes. Had some issues with being a bit bunged up shall we say! But took some Dulcolax then started taking 2 psyllium husk capsules, 3 times a day and already feel better for it.

Not expecting any replies or anything but if I put all this in a public forum it makes me more likely to feel accountable to sticking to it I think! Happy to answer any questions anyone may have as well. :)
DAY 7: 214.75 (-0.75lbs)

Not much of a loss today (comparatively), still feel fairly constipated so I wonder if I’ll feel better after a bit of a purge!
DAY 8: 213.75 (-1lb)

Losses definitely slowing down a bit now after the initial first rush but I’m not complaining, a pound or so a day is still great. Couldn’t stomach another sickly milkshake last night so cheated a bit and had a plain 2 egg omelette (just 2 eggs, water and a splash of hot sauce) just to have something savoury. Definitely felt better for it and am ready to carry on with the shakes today.

Still really suffering with constipation if anyone has any advice on that front. It’s not painful thankfully, I just never seem to go! I’ve been taking Dulcolax but I’ve been told you can’t do that for more than a couple of days in a row because your body gets used to the laxative so it becomes less effective. Any tips?
DAY 9: 212.25 (-1.5lb)

Another 1.5lbs lost so I'm just a quarter of a pound away from a stone! All I can think of is a McDonald's quarter pounder now o_O
DAY 10: 211 (-1.25lb)

Finally lost a stone! Feel so pleased with myself, but not going to get complacent. Still sticking to the diet but as a treat tonight I’m having a low carb, 250-ish calorie meal just to congratulate myself for getting this far. 🥳
Hi all, sorry I've not updated this - promise I've not abandoned it, I'm just starting to weigh in from Mondays now as I noticed I plateaued at 211. Still sticking with the diet. See you Monday!
DAY 15: 210 (-1lb)

Afternoon everyone! That pesky extra lb has finally shifted so I'm now 16lb down! Just waiting for the ticker to update. :) Think weighing once a week is definitely the way forward.
DAY 19 (sneaky weigh-in): 208 (-2lb)

Hi all, must admit had a bit of a cheat day on Wednesday this week (had a burrito bowl from a healthy takeaway place that has opened near me - so mainly meat and vegetables, but it did have a bit of rice and some little square potato things 🤫). But I've been back on the wagon since so I thought it was only right that I have a sneaky weigh-in and see if there has been any adverse effect. I was fearing the worst but I'm happy to report I'm another 2lbs down! Wouldn't make a habit of it but it satisfied some savoury cravings and I'm back on full throttle to get myself down to my goal before lockdown ends :)
DAY 22: 206 (-2lb)

Hi everyone, week 4 begins and I'm delighted to see I'm now down 20lbs o_O. Fully expect it to slow down sooner rather than later but I'm feeling pretty pleased as I haven't been 100% strict on myself really and have "budgeted" calorie and carb-wise for the odd treat here and there.
How are you doing?

I have just found this thread and loved reading about your progress.

Congratulations on your journey!