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Day 6 but sooooo hungry


2012..my year2b a size 10
HELP (but plssssssssss keep me motivated).. i've had my porridge like a good girl not cheated AT ALL... the last few days i've actually forgotten that i still have a pack to go... i just wasn't hungry at all but today i am starving..my tummy is rumbling like mad... i'm still constipated (sorry not relevant and tmi but maybe someone can advise :mad:) and i am starting to feel moody. oh and my head hurts!! Have had 3 pints of water, so can't be dehydrated...could i???? Please someone... wake a magic wand and make the hungy gooooo!

Oh and can anyone tell me.. how many black coffee's i can have a day AND does that water count as my 4 pints???
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Oh no :( sorry to hear you are having a hungry day , we get them for some reason , especially int he first few weeks ... its like our bodies panic and try and get us to eat !!! The only advise I can give is keep drinking , and distract yourself ... some cleaning / rearranging normally helps me .. and if its really really bad having an extra shake is the best thing to do , it wont effect your weight loss or ketosis but it sometime helsp stop you doing somthing silly

and the constipation thing is a problem most of us have ... I use movicol , 2 sachets a day , its works for me as all the other laxatives give me terrible stomach cramps .. and movicol is more gentle and just keeeps it all softer ... if you are really bunged up you can use up to 8 sachets of movicol to move a 'blockage' or use senna or dulcolax PICO PERLES ( you can take the nomrla dulcolax but its very harsh and I find it aweful ... ) .. hope this helps and hope you get through the rest of the day ok xxx


2012..my year2b a size 10
omg katie... You are a fab!!!! Thank you soooo much..now i know the hunger is 'normal' at this stage i really feel i can just carry on.. haha sounds silly but if it is part of the diet and i'll be ok 2mrw then yeh i'll struggle for the day. Might have another shake (juist today)! thanks honey!And the constipation advice is brill to.... again glad it's 'normal'..hehe xxx

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