Day 1 - 18.02.19


Hello everyone!

I'm starting CWP today, my consultant is coming to see me this afternoon! I'm hoping to use this forum as a little diary for myself and for whoever else wants to join me! :) hoping a daily diary update will keep me accountable and focused.

Target is 3 stone off by July for my wedding with an initial target of 7 weeks to get 1 and a half off for a holiday!

I briefly did cwp about 8 years ago but I was at a difficult point in life and i lost focus. I know it works and I enjoy the strictness of it and seeing the amazing results.

So Day 1 - i dont have my products yet so ive been surviving on water and coffee! Black coffee is my go to anyway so I'm glad to not have to make a change there! I'm on my third litre of water and 65th visit to the toilet... I'm actually excited to get a shake in a couple of hours!! I work with food and it can be really difficult to resist. I'll need to find some coping mechanisms. I shall let you know if I come up with anything good!

If anyone wants a buddy gimme a shout, i already worry my fiance will leave me for being a cranky ***** so it'll be nice to have someone who knows the pain I'm going through! 🤣
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Saxman V2

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Good to have ya back I restarted the CD after doing it 8 years ago and am into week 6 now. If you want to check out my Diary of a saxman there’s some interesting stuff that I went through from the first time to now as having learnt allot from the first time around.


Well where are we 12? Yes.Day 12.

For the most part I'm finding it easy and just getting on with it. Have my 3 products, drink gallons of water - that's it. Weekends are hard cos I want to go out an enjoy myself. Trying hard to focus on the bigger picture.

My first weigh in I lost 4lb and 6 inches. Second weigh in is in 2 days but I can already see and feel a huge difference! I checked on the scales this morning and I'm 10 pounds less than I was the last time I weighed before starting cambridge. My weigh in is in the afternoon so numbers will be different but that's ok. I see it coming down and I see my body changing in front of my eyes! A dress i had hung up as a goal fits already... next goal is the wedding dress!!


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Day 1 for me too! I feel a little hungry right now but about to have my final product. I might think about halving all my products so I have double the amount of meals. I’ll see how I feel tomorrow!

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Hi Bessie

I’m on day 7 of my second Cambridge journey having also done it 8 years ago for the first time! What step are you doing? I should imagine 3 stone by July will be a breeze if you are already 10lbs down?! 😊😊