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Day 6, Feeling a bit... weird

Hi all!

So I'm on my 6:th day of my SS cambridge diet. It has been going really well, I had a super-crazy busy week which has been kind of stressful, but I do my regular workouts and, yeah, I have felt okay, maybe a bit hungry and tired at times (But I guess that could be related to the schedule) Yesterday I really felt like I was in ketosis, not being hungry, being able to resist all the people around me having fries. :) And today I only slept 6 hours and woke up and felt great, I usually sleep for like 9 hours otherwise. :) Now, the only thing is that I'm feeling a bit weird... Like my hands are shaking, I'm not able to concentrate very well, keep forgetting things and so on. Not really feeling full of energy, not tired in the way that I want to sleep, but sort of like my head is working in syrup, like I'm walking around in a thick gray cloud. I know, just sounds weird, I don't know how to explain it. I don't recognize it from the other time I did Cambridge SS. Does any one else here recognizing feeling a bit of like this on say day 5-7 of the SS diet?
I guess it could just have to do with the fact that I have been working sort of non-stop for 5 days as well. :)

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I get like that when I'm over tired and I become very stupid indeed!! Just rest up and get a good nights sleep, on the plus side you've burned loads of fat off so see it as a good thing:)
Majella: Oh, thank goodness I'm not the only one. :) I did actually eat a bit more today, because that feeling wouldn't go way it just kept on getting worse so I had some extra proteins and some lentil soup and now I feel much better actually! Maybe I was pushing myself a little to hard with the workouts. Just hoping I'm not going to be crazy hungry tomorrow, and that I can stay on track!
Hi Tissle, I am on day 5 today and I felt like that on day 3 and 4 and never the previous time. I think it is because I have done the 30 day shred every day and also very short time at gym. I have been doing 15 to on treadmill with view to increase. This in addition to Cambridge.

I think the exercise is probably overload and it is affecting our bodies. I think we need to be careful when doing exercise when on SS due to such low calories. Well done for reaching day 6!
Hi there,

I'm feeling exactly the same and I don't work out at all. It's day 6 for me today and I've been floating around since about day 4 and like you, never experienced this on SS before.. Energy levels are fine and I'm in ketosis but am completely in la la land!! Low concentration, irritability, feeling disconnected etc... It's not nice. :(

Mares xxxx
Am on my second week as from next tuesday, Lost 15 and 1/2 lb in the first 5 days and just 4 lb this week so 19 and 1/2 in 12 days, I did suffer from bad constipation from day 8 but seam to be over that now, thank goodness, I am trying to loose 5 stone so am happy enough to keep going, am not sure if I am to do a post like this, David
Strenuous exercise is not advised on Cambridge SS or SS+. There are very good, health reasons for this. If you work all week, workout most days and take care of a home and household seven days a week, on around 500 calories a day, you will get ill. It's that simple.

Please exercise less or move up a plan or two.

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