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Day 7 and not feeling well. :(

Day 7 and I thought I was doing well, until about 8pm, started to feel not well, skin became "prickly", forearms, shins and face which also became hot. I felt shaky, light-headed and my jaws just wanted to clench!
Went to bed but try as I might I could not sleep for hunger, so decided I needed to eat. So had scrambled eggs, (no milk,marg or seasoning) and oh my god that felt good!!!
Slept til 5am, then woke up regretting eating... checked pee at 6.30am, still in ketosis phew!!!
Have e-mailed lipotrim to see if this is common, if it is I can persevere if not then I will have to come of LT, I genuinely felt horrible!!!
I have also notice just after the shakes I feel a bit "different" could it be a reaction to something in the shakes???
I have been drinking plenty of water, some days probably more than required (but not much more)... Anyone else have these symptoms? At day 7 I was expecting to feel fantastic..... Sx:(
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Eggs are ok to eat to stay in ketosis, Sarah so don't feel guilty! I'm not having any of your symptoms and am curious what LT will say about them. Hope you feel better soon xx


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I've bought some eggs this week as well for those "just in case" times. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't do it all the time because its supposed to be total food replacement obviously but sometimes its better to cave in with something that wont do too much damage because the alternative is much worse - a total blow out and the possibility of throwing the towel in.

I had a really bad day (day 4 I think?) where I was feeling shaky and very pukey, but didn't have the prickly skin - but I know the feeling you mean, it normally means I'm in for a nasty cold - I hope you are not! How are you feeling now?

Paula x
I am now wondering if I am coming down with one of the many virus's going about??? Feel fine LT wise today!! Will see how tonight fares as thats when I felt worst last night grrrrr!!:rolleyes:

Spoke to the pharmacist who assures me my symptoms are nothing to do with LT phew!!! Will plod on til my first wi xx
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When is your first wi? Can't be far off if you're on day 7.

Best of luck when it comes and make sure you keep us in the loop, looking forward to hearing all about it :D

P.S. hope you feel better soon and its not some 'orrible little virus!


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Hope you're having a better day today! It is very hard sticking to LT when poorly. I used to try hot baths, cool showers, sleep, books, paracetamol and "move away from the fridge!" LOL
Hey everyone, yesterday was the first day I felt ok! Today I feel even better........ spaced out my water yesterday instead of randomly gulping down water, so i,ll do that again today, find that sparkling water is much better to drink...its got the "fizz" I miss from my zero coke!! Day 9 tomorro and my 1st weigh in.... I know Im down so will just have to wait and see how much on their scales! :D:D:D
Glad you are feeling better today hun... Good luck with your weigh in later... Don't forget to come back and let us know x x

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