Day Four. Doing ok


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Got my 1st three days over with and Im pleased that I coped better than I thought I would. After initally posting that the Fruits forest flavour quite bland I actually enjoyed the 2nd shake. Also had the chicken and mushroom soup which I found taster than I imagined.

From today it will be a little harder as DH is coming home after a week of ski, so the food will be back in the fridge and bread back in the house.
Well done for getting to day 4 :D

Stay Strong with the food around, it'll still be there when you've finished.. ( well not thesame stuff thats in your fridge but you know what I mean lol)
Glad you got to day 4 and feeling good. You'll be fine with the food around as long as you tell yourself that there are no exceptions, no tasting, zero tolerance. Thing of lots of no food treats for good behaviour and ENJOY!

Have a nice weekend!

Dizzy x