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Day four SS and feeling sick.

I'm on day four ss surprised myself that I've manage that. I feel like I'm gonna throw up. Earlier some vomit came into my mouth. I've had nothing today apart from 2.25 litres of water, now it's lingering at the back of my throat. Is this normal, I so want to continue this diet, but dont want to make myself ill. I'm not normally a sicky type person
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You're at the worst point...just another day or so and you'll feel so much better :)

You need to try and get your packs down you to make sure you don't miss out on your nutrients.
Why not try making a muffin with a pack or something as it's only a few mouthfuls and may be easier to stomach than the pack made as a shake?

I'm right with you today...after a major blip through the summer and some failed attempts I'm on day 4 too.

Had huge plans on what I was going to do around the house on my day off but stuggling to do much at all.

K xxx
Thanks for your advice Kitty. I dont really feel ill just sick. This morning I woke feeling really energetic and went to the gym, maybe too much for the first week. The other thing I was wondering is are you allowed any sort of fresh breath products, chewing gum or sugar free mints ?
The only thing I think you can have is the listerene strips or gold spot (I think) breath freshner.

Anything else would probably trigger cravings or possibly knock you out of Ketosis which would be a complete mare.

Gym! flip you put me to shame LOL

I've loaded the washing machine, watched TV and am staring at the ironing pile trying to build up my motivation to get it started! ;)

K xxx
'Had huge plans on what I was going to do around the house on my day off but stuggling to do much at all.'

Thats me too. I start doing something and have a quick look at the computer and an hour and a half has past. This week though I have tried to keep myself busy otherwise I'd never be able to cope on this diet.

How has your 4 days gone ? Are you in Ketosis yet ? Yesterday I checked and was showing traces but today I was back to the first colour.
Sounds like you work all week though, I'm at home for most the week, only work Thursday and Friday eves and Saturday morning, so on your day off you should chill.
Think I'll get some gold spot then.
Yep work my 37 hours over 4 days...but like to try and get the housework done today so can spend more quality time with my hubbie on the weekends...he's out of luck this weekend tho LOL, we'll have to do it together.

I've felt okish up until today. I'm headachy and sluggish now.

Yesterday I was starving by 9am, so ended up having a tetra, but had a busy day so it was ok, and the rest of the day paced out quite well.

How about you, how are you spacing yours out?

I can't wait until next week to have a bar during the day :)

K xxx
I doing really well by my standards, I'm amazed I've managed 4 days they have'nt been too bad and have not really felt hungry, though I have wanted to eat, We're going away in a couple of weeks so I'm hoping to SS til then and maybe do add a meal or something like that whilst away. It's keeping me focused though and am determined to make the week out if nothing else. I'm hoping I'm gonna be so pleased with my lose that it will spur me on to the second week and so on. I'm not sleeping too well though which has surprised me cos I'm sure I should be wacked out on such few calories.

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