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day one all advice welcome !!!!!

i finally started today after putting it off till after the weekend had a choc shake and a strawberry one so far. Have to say tho didnt like the strawberry but i can still drink it !! (just) I am a little confussed about how much water to drink as im a bit concerned i am drinking to much ??? but any tips and advice is very welcome as a newbie i think the more info i get the easyier it will be thanks xx:wave_cry:
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Welcome & congrats on starting. I don't like the strawberry, only chocolate shakes for me!

Lipotrim suggests a minimum of 2 litres & maximum of 4 litres. So if you stick within those boundaries you should be fine :)

Good luck!!



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its recommended you drink at least 2 litres of water and no more than 4.i think a few do drink more than that though with no problems.good luck x


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Welcome to minimins Louisetegan! :)

First off well done for taking the first step and starting LT today. Yes I dont like the strawb much euther but if possible you can ask your chemist to swap them for another flavour you like?

As for water they say say at least 2 litres, but some say the more you drink the more you shrink!! I think anywhere between 2 and 4.5L is best, thats just for the water.

I ahve about 4lt a day myself. As for advice well pop on here and feel free to ask any questions you want to, were all here to help and have been in your shoes at some point of another.

I would say take a peek through the old threads, for inspiration and to get a more general feel for the programme.

The first week you will be heading into ketosis usually around day 4-7 and until then you may have a headache or feel tired - BUT this does go and once your in ketosis you will feel brill, you shouldnt be feeling hungry.

Just keep glugging the water and you will be fine, it usually cures a headache and hunger pangs.

As for the shakes you can have them hot too, if you have a hand blender or blender (but ovb not just boiled), you can add a coffee to the vanilla and chocolate, the vanilla one ends up tasting like a yummy latte, you can add ice so their cold like a smoothie - really nice.

Erm you can have sweetners too to jazz things up a bit but they must be saccahrin. Anyway thats all I can think of for now, im sure others will be along with more advice. :D


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What they ^^^ said ;)

Best of luck with Lipotrim, I love it so hope you do really well with it :)
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welcome, and anything from 2-4 ltrs is good i do more, however, i have just had first weigh in....and lost 10 pound in my first week, so get through your first wk and you will be fine, good luck x Raquel
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Well done for not putting it off any longer
i actually like the strawberry shakes now but your palet does change mine did when i hit ketosis

debz x


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Welcome aboard Louise.

Excellent advice from everyone above. You can always be sure of excellent support and advice in here which will help more than you realise.

I hated all the shakes for the first few days but after reading through the forum and getting some tips on how to prepare them I now love them and look forward to them.

I use a blender. Firstly I crush some ice, then add water from the fridge onto the ice, then I add the shake powder and give it a good blend. I find that the shakes cold and icy make them taste much better. Something like a slush puppy, I even add a straw haha.

I was a huge water drinker before LT so I find myself drinking sometimes up to 5 litres a day. I was worried that this was too much but my pharmacist says it's fine. He also said anything between 2-4 litres a day was great but try to make 2.5-3 your minimum.

Good luck with the rest of your week. The first few days can be headachey, dizzy spells, tiredness and just generally feeling a bit rotten but it soon passes and if like me, after the first week you'll feel on top of the world.

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