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Day One........ Done!!!


Ready For Change!
Today has been my first day on Lighter Life, to be honest i think so far so good!

Not felt hungry, the only thing i'm struggling with is "wanting" to drink lots of water!:eatdrink017:

I've been on my wii fit to simply "want" fluids, when i do a little workout it makes me want to drink, it seemed to have worked managed to drink quite a lot, it motivated my drinking for the rest of the day!

Last night i had the weirdest dream "food" related; my partner was offering me chocolates which i refused, feels like im being tested even when im asleep! lol:innocent0002:

Looking forward to tomorrow I have a few busy days a head which im pleased about, keep me out of trouble!

When should i expect ketosis to kick in..?
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Hi Lozz and welcome! :) well done for getting through day one....it really is an amazing diet best thing ive ever done.

everyone is different regarding ketosis, i know when i started it took me 2 days, some takes 3 or mybe longer really depends. you may find you get almost like a metalic taste in your mouth i got that and i done the test on the stick too, you can buy the stix from boots

wishing you all the best with your exciting journey ahead x


Ready For Change!
Oh brilliant i work next to boots will buy the sticks tomorrow!:checkmark green: Thanks!

I cant believe your weight loss! 5 stone :happy096: thats so inspiring! i have tried and failed at many diets i'm hoping this will be the last time!

Cant wait for the weigh in lol! :bunnydance:
well done on your first day

you might find you get a bit of a headache the next couple of days, but then you should be in ketosis day 3 so its all plain sailing from then!

Daisy x


thanks lozz, i was the same tried them all and failed, LL was definitely right choice for me as there was no food involved, like i say best thing ever! x
Well done Lozz. You've done the hardest part - started.
Now just get through the first few days.
Are you having a drop in with your LLC after a few days?
Whenever your weigh in is I'm sure you'll be pleased and amazed with the initial loss.
Good luck. Keep drinking the water. Little and often.
hi lozz and well done for getting through your first day - I hope you feel a great sense of achievement. i am on my second time around with LL and its the only diet that has ever worked for me and its fab. i will be doing the route to management this time around as thats where i went wrong last time - lost all the weight and thought i could go it alone from there on in! good luck this week. after the initial 3 or 4 days you should start to feel loads more energy and start finding it easier and easier. my first weigh-in today so fingers crossed for a good weight loss. x x x


Ready For Change!
Thanks for all of your supporting comments!!! :thankyou:

Finding day two a little more challenging...
I'm tired today as I work a Thursday Afternoon/Evening and Friday morning, but just put it down to my hours of work!:sigh:

Had trouble sleeping dont know whether its because im excited to see the loss on Monday.. Whether its because im over weight.. Who knows..? :(

Still going strong looking forward to getting into a routine with it!!!

I hope you have a fab weigh in!!! :cross:

Thanks again guys its nice to share how im feeling and have questions answered!:grouphugg:


Ready For Change!
AMAZING LOSS! :party0049:

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